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Macedonia 04.12.20 | 21:48

Pecakov: People are waking up, Ohrid is waking up, Macedonia is alive, Zaev’s resignation, freedom of the people

The Macedonian people are united and stand in the way of the betrayal that Zoran Zaev and this government are preparing for Macedonia. Complete deprivation of identity by erasing the Macedonian people and the Macedonian language is the last red line that we will not allow to be crossed. I am glad that...

Macedonia 03.12.20 | 13:54

Ohrid media outlets allege that political links are behind a bizarre unlawful build

The Mayor of Ohrid Konstantin Georgievski ignores questions from the media about bizarre unlawful addition to a small residential building in the city. Media outlets in Ohrid have asked the Mayor if it’s true that the case is linked to officials from his ruling majority in the city council. The...

Macedonia 26.10.20 | 16:44

Turkish citizen caught with 110 kilos of hashish near Ohrid

Ohrid prosecutors filed charges against a Turkish citizen who was caught with 110 kilograms of hashish yesterday. The man was caught on the Resen – Ohrid road while transporting 114 packs of drugs. Officers believe he was supposed to deliver the drugs to someone.

Macedonia 20.10.20 | 21:40

Lidija Petkoska: Macedonia has become a country of criminals in power, betrayals and injustice

The Member of Parliament, Lidija Petkoska, said that the voice of the citizens must be heard and that with the mass participation in the protest with car convoys, the citizens of Ohrid expressed dissatisfaction with crime, corruption, injustice and persecution carried out by the SDSM government and Zoran...

Macedonia 15.10.20 | 21:41

Kiceec won a two weeks reprieve and a less strict prison to serve out his sentence

Mafia fixer Zoran Mileski – Zoki Kiceec was ordered to report to prison to begin serving out his sentence, but in Ohrid and not in Skopje as he was originally expected to do. Kiceec is a key figure in the Racket scandal, where he participated in the extortion of 1.5 million EUR from businessman...

Macedonia 06.10.20 | 11:55

Disabled 11 year old boy that was found badly neglected in a house in Ohrid has died

An 11 year old disabled boy who was found in state of horrific neglect in Ohrid a month ago has died. The boy, who suffered from cerebral palsy, was placed in the care of a family in a village near Demir Kapija. He was found alone in a house in Ohrid abandoned by the parents, left with just a glass of...

Macedonia 05.10.20 | 23:02

Villa Sveti Stefan in Ohrid is falling apart and turned into a landfill

Apart from thieves and scrap metal collectors, for more than 10 years no one else has entered the villa Sveti Stefan in Ohrid, which is actually a residential-representative building of the highest state rank, built only three meters from the shore of Lake Ohrid and intended for vacation of the state...

Macedonia 26.09.20 | 16:28

Nurse from Ohrid died of Covid-19

Dijana Dimoska, a 49 year old nurse from the Ohrid general hospital, succumbed to Covid-19. Hospital sources said that Dimoska worked there since 1993, in the neurological, internal and other departments, and that she was a much loved professional. Over 700 people have died of the illness in Macedonia...

Macedonia 25.09.20 | 15:11

Environmentalists raise alarm as lake Prespa continues to dry out

Environmentalist group Ohrid SOS warns that the level of lake Prespa has dropped to its lowest in the past century. The lake, which was used as a backdrop for the imposed name change treaty with Greece in 2018, has been withdrawing for years now, likely as the result of water outflows from lake Ohrid...

Macedonia 04.09.20 | 13:16

Lake Prespa water levels continue their dramatic drop

Water levels are continuing to decline in lake Prespa and Ohrid. The situation is especially dramatic in Prespa, which is 85 centimeters down from the September average. Ohrid is down 5 centimeters. Both lakes, which are connected by passages under the Galicica mountain, receded – Ohrd by two centimeters...

Macedonia 03.09.20 | 17:08

Useini brothers denied bail, their company denies digging sand directly out of lake Ohrid

The court in Ohrid ordered local DUI party boss Nefi Useini and his brother into detention for 30 days, after the Bitola Appeals Court rejected their bail offer. The two are charged in the beating of local man Spiro Topaloski, and allegedly drew a gun on his 14 year old son because of a land dispute....

Macedonia 02.09.20 | 14:54

Diggers owned by detained DUI boss in Ohrid filmed digging sand directly from the protected lake

And while the country was entertained with the demolition of an unlawfully built cafe in Skopje, the powerful boss of the DUI party in Ohrid Nefi Useini, while in prison, had crews digging sand directly from the lake Ohrid to be used in his new cement plant. An environmental group from Ohrid posted pictures...

Macedonia 31.08.20 | 20:18

Ohrid court prepares to release notorious local DUI boss Nefi Useini out on bail

The Ohrid court accepted a guarantee of 30,000 EUR to allow notorious local boss Nefi Useini and his brother out on bail, in a case in which they are accused of pulling a gun on a local citizen and his 14 year old son, and then beating the man. The two were arrested after days of hiding from the police...

Macedonia 26.08.20 | 14:03

Ohrid boss Nefi Useini turned himself in to the police

Notorious Ohrid boss Nefi Useini and his brother turned themselves in to the police after spending several days as fugitives. The two are charged with assaulting a man from Ohrid and pulling a gun on his 14 year old son as they intervened in a land dispute the man had with oligarch Zore Temelkovski....

Macedonia 25.08.20 | 15:38

Fleeing from the police didn’t stop notorious DUI official from starting a new business

While Ohrid police is still reportedly looking for local strongman Nefi Useini, he casually opened a new company in Bitola. The head of the DUI party branch in Ohrid is charged with assault after reportedly beating a citizen with a gun in a land dispute. The attacked man later changed his story and denied...

Macedonia 22.08.20 | 15:03

Rape reported in Ohrid

A 39 year old woman from Ohrid was raped yesterday. The police has identified the attacker, who is being prosecuted. The woman reported physical assault preceding the rape that occurred yesterday evening.

Macedonia 22.08.20 | 08:39

Victim now denies claim that powerful DUI boss pulled a gun on his son, says he imagined the whole thing

Spiro Topaloski, a man from Ohrid who claimed that the powerful local DUI party boss Nefi Useini pistol whipped him and pulled a gun on his 14 year old son, changed his statement. He now claims that he’s good friends with Useini and that he just imagined seeing a gun aimed at his son. After years...

Macedonia 21.08.20 | 10:55

Ohrid police still can’t find local DUI party boss Nefi Useini after he pistol whipped a citizen

Ohrid police is still unable to locate the notorious DUI party member of the Ohrid city council Nefi Useini. The local party boss who has ramped up an impressive list of incidents over the past few years, is sought after he, his brother and companions pulled guns on a local citizen and his 14 year old...

Macedonia 20.08.20 | 19:18

Ohrid court orders detention for the untouchable DUI party boss Nefi Useini

The Ohrid courrt ordered detention for the powerful local DUI party boss Nefi Useini after he was filmed beating a local man over a property dispute with the butt of his pistol. DUI party boss in Ohrid pistol whipped a citizen in front of his son The latest violent incident involving the untouchable...

Macedonia 18.08.20 | 21:27

DUI party boss in Ohrid pistol whipped a citizen in front of his son

An Ohrid citizen accused the powerful local boss of the DUI party Nefi Useini of pistol whipping him in front of his son and of pointing the gun at the boy. Spire Topaloski spoke to local Ohrid media about the incident which he says broke out over the house he is building in Raca, a mixed lakeside district...