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Macedonia 18.04.24 | 21:23

Nikoloski: The elections will determine whether Ali Ahmeti will continue to lord over Macedonia

On the first day of the election campaign, VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski said that the party expects to win a major victory that will begin a thorough reset of Macedonia. Nikoloski was speaking in Ohrid, where VMRO traditionally begins its election campaigns, and which is the site of...

Macedonia 18.04.24 | 20:28

VMRO-DPMNE begins the campaign with a rally in Ohrid (LIVE VIDEO)

VMRO-DPMNE is opening its formal general election campaign this evening, with a large rally in Ohrid. The largest party in Macedonia always begins its campaigns in the cultural capital of Macedonia. You can follow the rally live.

Macedonia 19.01.24 | 19:05

Nikola Jakimoski successfully retrieves the cross from Lake Ohrid

Nikola Jakimoski, a resident of Ohrid, was the fortunate believer among the 100 participating swimmers who successfully retrieved the Holy Cross after it was placed into the waters of Ohrid Lake on Friday morning. Expressing his joy, the 29-year-old Jakimoski mentioned, “I’ve been jumping into...

Economy 02.11.23 | 19:54

Kovacevski and Grubi are eyeing the stalled Kicevo – Ohrid highway

Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski and his powerful deputy Artan Grubi announced a new move – to try to cancel the contract to build the Kicevo – Ohrid highway, with the Chinese Sinohydro company. The long delayed 40 kilometer highway that is a key in the country’s south-west was started...

Macedonia 27.09.23 | 08:27

Immediate actions to restore the natural and cultural heritage of Ohrid

Upon receiving recommendations from a UNESCO monitoring mission, the Ministry of Culture has proposed a series of urgent measures for the restoration and preservation of the natural and cultural heritage within the Ohrid Region. In an official statement released, the Ministry of Environment and Physical...

Culture 16.09.23 | 20:26

UNESCO decided that Ohrid will remain a heritage site

UNESCO decided to maintain the cultural heritage status of the region of Ohrid, despite concerns about overdevelopment and destruction of the unique environmental conditions. Culture and Environment ministers attended the UNESCO meeting in Riyadh to push for the continued designation of Ohrid as a cultural...

Sport 27.08.23 | 14:29

Italian Alessio Occhipinti sets new record at the Ohrid Marathon

Italian marathon swimmer Alessio Occhipinti won the Ohrid Marathon and set a new record time of under 4 hours. Occhipinti swam the 25 kilometers from the monastery of St. Naum to Ohrid in 4 hours, 53 minutes and 14 seconds. Argentinian Mathias Diaz, who won the race last year, was second on Saturday. Caroline...

Sport 25.08.23 | 21:41

15 swimmers will compete in the Ohrid Marathon

The Ohrid Marathon will take place tomorrow. Nine men and six women swimmers will race along the length of lake Ohrid. The route is 25 kilometers long, from the monastery of St. Naum to the city of Ohrid.

Macedonia 20.08.23 | 12:38

Ohrid: Five people saved from a sailboat caught in a storm

Ohrid police saved five persons stuck on a sailboat, who lost control. The captain, who was carrying four passengers, lost control during a small storm as the boat suffered from defect. In the evening, a police boat intervened and towed the sailboat seven kilometers to shore.

Macedonia 14.08.23 | 00:06

The Government and Albanian parties celebrate the Ohrid Framework Treaty

The Government and Albanian parties in Macedonia today marked the 22nd anniversary of the signing of the Ohrid Framework Treaty, which ended the inter-ethnic war started by Ali Ahmeti’s NLA/UCK terrorist organization. The treaty, which formally turned Macedonia into an multi-ethnic country, was...

Macedonia 13.08.23 | 11:26

Ahmeti wants Parliament to accept the Bulgarian amendments

DUI party leader Ali Ahmeti urged the adoption of the amendments that Bulgaria requires from Macedonia and asked political parties to unify in a “European Front” over this issue. DUI is pushing for the unification of Albanian parties, with SDSM, against VMRO-DPMNE which opposes this latest...

Macedonia 09.08.23 | 14:51

Professor Friedman: Only in the period of fascism, when the Bulgars beat the Macedonian children who spoke Macedonian, this language was a Bulgarian dialect

The Macedonian language is a separate Slavic language like Bulgarian, Serbian, and Croatian. The current problems will be somehow solved, but the Macedonian language exists and it will continue to exist, Professor Victor Friedman Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, perhaps the greatest American and...

Macedonia 08.08.23 | 11:08

Is something cooking in Ohrid: Ex-President Branko Tsrvenkovski published a photo with one of the SDSM most prominent members

A photo of the ex-president of the country and the first leader of SDSM, Branko Tsrvenkovski, with his cousin Jovan Mircheski, one of the most prominent SDSM members, initiating rumors that something new is coking in the Ohrid branch of SDSM. There is no confirmation from any source if this was a simple...

Macedonia 07.08.23 | 19:37

Father and son injured during wedding celebratory gunfire in Ohrid

Police in Ohrid detained a 60 year old man who opened fire during a wedding, and injured a father and his underage son. The man was shooting from a Zastava handgun. The police also found a CZ gun, a rifle and a shotgun in his possession, which he owned with permits. The man is facing charges.

Macedonia 06.08.23 | 08:51

High waves flooded the Ohrid Lake bank

The bad weather that hit Macedonia caused many problems in Ohrid, Macedonian’s largest tourist destination. The heavy rain and strong winds caused high waves that flooded the bank of the lake. The power of the waves was so strong that it tore off the tiles from the boardwalk at some points. The...

Macedonia 02.08.23 | 19:01

Dutch skydiver badly injured near Ohrid

A paraglyder from the Netherlands was badly injured in an accident today and had to be med-evacuated by helicopter. After a search on the slopes of Mt. Galicica, he was given first aid on the spot where he crashed, and evacuated to Skopje. He reportedly has serious spinal injuries.

Macedonia 29.07.23 | 09:00

Mickoski: The Government closed the entrance to Ohrid in the height of the season in revenge for VMRO-DPMNE victory in the local elelctions

The Government of DUI and its junior partner SDSM punish the citizens of Ohrid because they massively voted for VMRO-DPMNE in the last local elections, the leader of VMRO-SDPMNE, Hristijan Misckoski, claims. “That is the kind of politicians we are dealing with, overwhelmed with rage and desire...

Macedonia 25.06.23 | 09:38

Heil large as walnuts hit Ohrid region

A strong storm of rain and hail hit Ohrid and the surroundings on Saturday afternoon. The hail, which at times was as large as walnuts, caused huge damages to the regional agriculture. The storm also caused sewage leakage, causing damages in the city proper. The Mayor convened the Emergency Committee,...

Economy 19.06.23 | 12:01

The seasonal air line Ohrid – Belgrade reinstituted

From Monday, June 19, the airline Skopje – Belgrade will be reinstituted, and will be operated by Air Serbia. TAV Macedonia, the operator of thee Skopje Airport, informed that there will be a welcoming ceremony  for the first flight, with a water bridge, welcoming of the passengers, and cutting...

Macedonia 12.06.23 | 19:25

Mayor of Ohrid tries to save the city from the blockade

The Mayor of Ohrid Kiril Pecakov met on Monday at thee municipality offices with the representatives of the hotels’ association, the service sector, tourist agencies, tour operators, and Ohrid Police in an attempt to  solve the blockade of the entrance to the city at the beginning of the tourist...