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Macedonia Balkans 19.03.23 | 10:21

Vucic-Kurti meeting in Ohrid ended without full agreement, but there is hope

The almost 12-hour meeting in Ohrid between Vucic and Kurti ended late last night. Vucic and Kurti discussed the European proposal – an agreement consisting of 11 points. We expect details of yesterday’s marathon talks in Ohrid to be announced at any moment. After the meeting, visibly tired,...

Macedonia 18.03.23 | 19:26

Kovacevski: Macedonia is a factor of regional stability

Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski insists that Macedonia is a factor of stability in the region and contributes to regional cooperation – as the country hosted a meeting between the leaders of Serbia and Kosovo, who are close to an agreement on the status of Kosovo. We have the highest possible...

Macedonia 18.03.23 | 08:16

Talks between Serbia and Kosovo take place in Ohrid

EU and US officials and the leaders of Serbia and Kosovo are gathered in Ohrid today, for a meeting between Aleksandar Vucic and Albin Kurti. This is expected to be an important moment in the negotiations between the two countries over their future relations. On the table is a French-German proposal...

Macedonia 27.02.23 | 08:13

Fire north of Ohrid

A fire broke out yesterday north of the city of Ohrid. Four firefighting vehicles and 10 men were dispatched to prevent the spread of the fire toward near-by houses. About 3,000 square meters were affected.

Culture 08.02.23 | 09:59

Kostadinovska-Stojcevska: Ohrid UNESCO Office confirms policies to preserve its status

Minister of Culture Bisera Kostadinovska-Stojcevska met Tuesday with Assistant Director-General for Culture of UNESCO, Ernesto Ottone, and UNESCO Director of World Heritage Lazare Elondou Assomo during her official visit to Paris. Minister Kostadinovska-Stojcevska announced the opening of a UNESCO office...

Macedonia 23.01.23 | 17:08

In just few years, Hristijan Pendikov turned from a proud Macedonian to a Bulgarian activist

A deeper dive into Hristijan Pendikov, the Bulgarian activist from Ohrid who was badly beaten last week in an incident that caused tensions between Macedonia and Bulgaria reveals that the young man went through a political journey. Several years ago, Pendikov was coming from a very different political...

Macedonia 19.01.23 | 16:06

Vasko Dovlev retrieves Ohrid Lake cross

Nineteen-year-old Vasko Dovlev from Varos retrieved the holy cross from the cold and rough waters of Ohrid Lake on this windy Thursday morning. The celebration of the great religious Epiphany-Vodici holiday is again this year organized by the Eparchy of Debar-Kicevo and the local self-government, with...

Macedonia 27.12.22 | 09:54

First bomb threat reported in Ohrid: St. Naum of Ohrid school evacuated

First bomb threat was reported in Ohrid. Currently, units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are inspecting the “St. Naum of Ohrid” school, and the school has been safely evacuated and the students are out of the building. The bomb threat was sent to the school’s email address.

Economy 21.12.22 | 10:07

37 craft shops closed in Ohrid due to high electricity bills

Since the beginning of the year until today, 37 craftsmen in Ohrid have closed their shops, Alfa Television reported. The reason lies in the economic crisis and excessive electricity bills, says the regional craft chamber. It has never happened before that trades disappear so drastically and on such...

Life 07.12.22 | 13:51

After a break of two years, Christmas Eve procession to take place in Ohrid again

After a break of two years, due to the Covid pandemic, the great joy of Christmas Eve processions continues! In order to continue this old spiritual tradition, we invite you to join in the preparations until the Christmas harbinger of the birth of Jesus Christ, on January 6, 2023, which will be marked...

Macedonia 07.10.22 | 12:51

The Bulgarian club in Ohrid is being demolished with eggs

The headquarters of the Bulgarian club named after the controversial Tsar Boris III has been demolished with eggs. Demonstrators have sharpened their rhetoric and are throwing objects at the newly opened club. They shout: “ASNOM lives”, and they wave the flag of Yugoslavia, the “Vergina...

Macedonia 02.10.22 | 10:24

Albanian poacher caught with 119 protected Ohrid trouts

An Albanian citizen was arrested near Struga yesterday as he was hauling nearly 100 kilograms of Ohrid trout. The species of fish is protected by law to prevent poaching. The 27 year old man was caught with 119 trouts in the back of his car near the village of Frangovo.

Macedonia 28.07.22 | 21:32

Storm in Ohrid, fallen roof structure damaged several houses

A storm tore off a roof structure from a building in Ohrid, after which it fell and damaged several houses and a vehicle. The information has been confirmed by the head of the Ohrid Crisis Management Center Ohrid, Mitko Temelkoski, pointing out that fortunately no one was injured. We have reports about...

Macedonia 10.05.22 | 20:19

Macedonian church Synod expressed gratitude to Bartholomew, sees no problem with his use of the name “Ohrid Archbishopric”

Bishop Timotej of Debar and Kicevo discussed the decision by the Ecumenical Patriarch to recognize the Macedonian Orthodox Church, but avoid using the name Macedonian, and opting for the term Archbishopric of Ohrid. The Ecumenical Patriarch and his circle are Greeks, and Greece remains strongly opposed...

Macedonia 16.04.22 | 14:22

Thieves stole stun grenades from an Ohrid police armory

An armory of the Ohrid police was broken into. The site was full of live ammunition. The Interior Ministry informs that the thieves took tear gas canisters and flash grenades, which were meant to be destroyed. The robbery likely occurred days ago and was only spotted recently.

Macedonia 02.04.22 | 21:32

British man went missing in Ohrid

A British citizen went missing from a hostel in Ohrid. The 39 year old man identified as V. V. M. left the hotel on Friday after noon and never returned. He left his clothes and travel items in the room.

Macedonia 08.02.22 | 13:12

Some improvement in lake Ohrid water levels, lake Prespa remains critical

Water levels in lake Ohrid are up by two centimeters from yesterday. The level is still 14 centimeters below the February average, while lake Prespa is whole 1.63 metes below the average. Prespa is just three centimeters above the absolute minimum. Relatively warm weather is already melting the snow...

Macedonia 27.01.22 | 10:28

Ohrid: 18 year old stabbed his father

An 18 year old youth from Ohrid stabbed his father yesterday, following an argument. Local police said that there was a family dispute during which the father hit the son. The son then pulled a knife and injured his father, before the police was called.  

Macedonia 19.01.22 | 14:22

Martin Godzhoski retrieves Lake Ohrid cross

Martin Godzhoski from Varos is the believer who among the participating 100 swimmers retrieved the Holy Cross after it was placed into the waters of Ohrid Lake on Wednesday morning. I’ve been jumping into the lake for almost ten years now trying to catch the cross. It was my great wish to catch it,...

Macedonia 26.12.21 | 10:41

Divers decorate a Christmas tree at the bottom of lake Ohrid

Divers from the Amphora club in Ohrid decorated a Christmas tree at the bottom of the lake to welcome in the New Year. The traditional event takes place near the Bay of Bones and this year is the 19th time the club is performing this stunt.