Nikola Jakimoski, a resident of Ohrid, was the fortunate believer among the 100 participating swimmers who successfully retrieved the Holy Cross after it was placed into the waters of Ohrid Lake on Friday morning.

Expressing his joy, the 29-year-old Jakimoski mentioned, “I’ve been jumping into the lake trying to catch the cross since I was 15 years old. It was my great wish to catch it, and now it has come true.” Despite the challenges of jumping into cold waters, Jakimoski emphasized that determination outweighs difficulties and extended wishes for good health and prosperity.

Bishop Timotej of the Debar-Kichevo diocese and Ohrid Mayor Kiril Pecakov congratulated Jakimoski, adhering to a traditional gift-giving custom.

Traditionally, the events in Ohrid have drawn in thousands of believers and visitors. The Epiphany celebration for this year is ongoing at the Ohrid Square, featuring a concert by the Macedonian music band Next Time.