Wet roads and winter driving conditions are reported nationwide, with increased traffic outside urban areas. There are no delays at border crossings, except at Tabanovce and Bogorodica, where drivers can expect 30 and 45-minute wait times to exit the country.

The R1102 between Veles and Gradsko will be closed for installing chain link fencing from Jan. 16–18, 8 am to 4 pm.

Starting Nov. 15, 2023, winter equipment in vehicles is mandatory until Mar. 15, 2024, regardless of the weather.

As of Dec. 11, there will be lane shifts and intermittent closures along the A3 section between Prilep and Bitola for highway surveying, lasting six months or until construction works are done. Similarly, from Dec. 5, lane shifts and intermittent closures will occur along the A2 section between Tetovo and Gostivar for highway surveying.

From Nov. 8, construction on the A4 between Blace border crossing and Stenkovec junction has closed the local road to the village of Blace. A detour route is available.

Ongoing construction on the A4 section, 2 km before the Blace border crossing, has reduced traffic to one lane for tunnel repairs, starting Sept. 11.

Traffic is diverted from the A3 section between Bukovo and Ohrid for installing traffic signal equipment until Feb. 29, 2024.

Construction work on the R1303 between Makedonski Brod and Prilep, near the Barbaros pass, includes a 30 km/h work zone speed limit.

Construction work on the A3 between Podmolje and Ohrid has a detour available via R1208 regional road.

Construction work on the A1 between Petrovec and Katlanovo, as well as on the A2 between Kichevo and Ohrid, has signs in place.

Traffic on the A1 between Veles and Negotino is diverted onto E-75 until construction ends at the Gradsko junction, with an 80 km/h work zone speed limit.

Sections of the A1 between Gradsko and Prilep are diverted for repairs, with works expected to end on March 2, 2024.

Traffic is diverted from stretches of the A2 between Kichevo and Ohrid due to construction.

Skopje’s Belasica Bridge on Belasica Street is partly open to light traffic due to damage from the May 2023 fire.

Landslides are possible along the routes of Katlanovo – Veles, Mavrovo – Debar – Struga, Vinica – Berovo, and Kochani – Delchevo.

Motorists are advised to drive carefully, adjust speed to weather conditions, and adhere to traffic rules, signs, and signals.