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Macedonia 30.08.20 | 15:44

Four Covid-19 deaths in the past 24 hours

Four patients died and 39 were newly diagnosed with the coronavirus over the past 24 hours. The deceased patients are two from Kumanovo, aged 43 and 66 and two from Skopje – aged 71 and 77. This brings the total death toll of the epidemic to 600. The 39 new cases were found among the 817 tests...

Macedonia 29.08.20 | 16:27

Six Covid-19 deaths reported, Prilep and Delcevo among the worst hit cities with new infections

A second high casualty day was reported in a row, with six patients dying of the coronavirus over the past 24 hours. The Healthcare Ministry informed that the deceased patients include two men from Prilep aged 54 and 78, two from Skopje (63 and 80), a man from Ohrid (56) and a man from Stip (82). This...

Macedonia 18.07.20 | 10:13

Two textile factories in Sveti Nikole temporarily closed after a spike in coronavirus cases

After a major spike in new coronavirus cases in the city of Sveti Nikole, local authorities have ordered two textile mills to close for the weekend. So far, 45 workers tested positive. Cramped working conditions in textile mills have contributed to a similar outbreak in near-by Stip. In just one day,...

Macedonia 02.07.20 | 14:11

Milososki negative on the corona test

VMRO-DPMNE official Antonio Milososki is negative on the coronavirus. The former Foreign Minister is hospitalized after developing fever and after his mother, who is a medical professional, contracted the virus. I hope to recover in the coming days and to see you all in good health. And then, the renewal...

Macedonia 11.05.20 | 11:19

Kod: Nine citizens died of Covid-19 without receiving proper hospital treatment

Nine citizens died of the Covid-19 before they could even get tested, reports the Kod investigative reporting outlet. According to their review of the 91 deaths caused by the coronavirus so far, there were a number of cases where citizens required assistance for serious flu like symptoms but could not...

Macedonia 07.05.20 | 13:05

Covid-19 patient dies during emergency transport from Veles to Skopje

A 70 year old coronavirus patient from Veles who was treated in the local hospital for several days died during an emergency transport to Skopje. The Healthcare Ministry informed that the man took a turn for the worse and his doctor decided to send him to the Infectious Diseases Clinic in Skopje, but...

World 06.05.20 | 19:14

Merkel says that the first phase of the pandemic is over, but the threat will remain for a long time

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the first phase of the fight against the coronavirus is now over, but that the epidemic may last for a very long time. This is just the beginning Merkel said as she announced the relaxation of some of the measures put in place to fight the virus. According to...

Macedonia 05.05.20 | 15:53

Coronavirus epidemic: First patient to survive being put on mechanical ventilation in Macedonia

Macedonia has had its first Covid-19 patient who was on mechanical ventilation removed from the machine and breathe again on his own. 360 degrees is reporting that 37 year old patient spent 12 days on mechanical ventilation, until he was strong enough to be removed. No other patient has survived mechanical...

Macedonia 01.05.20 | 17:14

Last Covid-19 patient in Debar is listed as cured

The Healthcare Ministry has no more active coronavirus cases registered in Debar. The mountainous small city on the border with Albania was the first hotbed of the epidemic in Macedonia, after citizens who worked or visited Italy brought the illness there. This prompted an unprecedented quarantine on...

Macedonia 28.04.20 | 15:02

Six new Covid-19 deaths reported – the toll now stands at 71

The death toll of the coronavirus epidemic in Macedonia grew by 6 over the past 24 hours and now stands at 71. Two patients from Prilep who were on mechanical ventilation at the Infectious Diseases Clinic in Skopje died overnight. They were 58 and 63 and both had been treated for more than two weeks. ...

Macedonia 26.04.20 | 14:10

Two men aged 49 and 73 died from the coronavirus

Two patients, aged 49 and 73, died during the past 24 hours from Covid-19. The 49 year old patient is from Lipkovo, near Kumanovo, and was admitted to the “8th of September” hospital on April 3 with breathing difficulties. He was placed on mechanical ventilation immediately but eventually...

Macedonia 24.04.20 | 17:35

Mass screening in Debar will show the actual scale of the epidemic

A screening program will begin in Debar to determine what percentage of the population of the city contracted the coronavirus. The small mountainous city was the first hotbed of the epidemic in Macedonia and had to be quarantined for over a month, but there are just three active cases remaining there. This...

Macedonia 23.04.20 | 14:43

Coronavirus epidemic: 41 new cases diagnosed in Macedonia, no new deaths reported

The Healthcare Ministry informed that there were 41 new coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours, bringing the total of the epidemic to 1.300. There were no new deaths reported, and the number of tests conducted in this period is 649. The death toll stands at 56. By city, the most new cases were found...

Macedonia 21.04.20 | 18:51

Elderly mother and her disabled son from Veles died in March, three to five weeks before the bodies were found

Veles police, which is investigating the coronavirus death of an elderly woman and her disabled son informed the public that the two died some time in March. Neighbors told the police that they feared the reclusive two died all the way back in January. As the coronavirus was detected on the body of the...

Macedonia 20.04.20 | 14:12

Three new Covid-19 deaths, including a 46 year old woman who fought the illness for 20 days

Three patients died from the coronavirus over the past 24 hours, the Healthcare Ministry said. One is a 46 year old woman from the village of Labunista, who was admitted to the Infectious Diseases Clinic 20 days ago. She was on mechanical ventilation for a longer period of time, the Ministry said. The...

Macedonia 20.04.20 | 12:02

First case of Covid-19 registered in Pehcevo

The small city of Pehcevo reported its first coronavirus case yesterday evening. The patient is employed in the local hospital, said Mayor Dragan Trencovski. He urged the public to remain calm and to respect the privacy of the patient.

Macedonia 20.04.20 | 09:43

Mass transit routes to and out of Tetovo ordered to close

The Government ordered mass transit routes to and out of Tetovo and the neighboring municipalities to close. Tetovo has had a relatively low number of coronavirus cases so far for a large city and the ban on the mass movement toward and out of the city is hoped to prevent the spread of the epidemic....

Macedonia 16.04.20 | 12:35

Small groups of Christian faithful show up for the holy communion

Smaller groups of Christian faithful showed up before the churches this morning, to receive the holy communion ahead of the Easter holiday. Many wore masks and kept distance to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The communion was mostly administered with a shared spoon, though. The churches will...

Macedonia 16.04.20 | 12:06

Kumanovo Mayor Dimitrievski tests postive a day after meeting top Government officials

Kumanovo Mayor Maksim Dimitrievski tested positive to the coronavirus. Yesterday Dimitrievski charied a meeting of the municipal crisis committee which was attended by Interim Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski, Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce and other top Government officials. I just received the results....

Macedonia 16.04.20 | 11:55

Greece will keep its borders closed for at least another month

The Greek Government ordered its borders closed for all foreign citizens until May 15. The ban applies to Macedonian citizens as well. The borders were closed am month ago, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.