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Macedonia 16.03.21 | 22:14

Nikoloski denounced Denko Maleski for his latest pro-Bulgarian statement

VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski strongly condemned professor Denko Maleski, former Foreign Affairs Minister from the SDSM ranks, for his claim that Macedonia has no medieval history and is a nation formed by the circumstance of geo-politics. Under the Prespa Treaty, Macedonia was forced...

Macedonia 30.04.20 | 16:03

Greek media gleefully report on Denko Maleski’s positions

After a number of Bulgarian media outlets, now Greek media are also now happily reporting the statements from Denko Maleski, as he claimed that the Macedonian history is fabricated and that Macedonians originate from Bulgarians. Skopjiani media meltdown as ex-FM says “we are actually Bulgarian,...

Macedonia 30.04.20 | 12:13

Pendarovski does not agree with Denko Maleski’s position on Bulgaria but will keep him as his foreign policy adviser

The office of President Stevo Pendarovski issued a statement in which he distances himself from the positions of his foreign policy adviser Denko Maleski – who said that Macedonian history was falsified and needs to be aligned with the Bulgarian historic narrative. But Pendarovski did not announce...

Macedonia 29.04.20 | 22:30

President Pendarovski won’t say whether he agrees with his adviser Maleski’s claim that the Macedonian history was falsified

President Stevo Pendarovski is yet to comment on the growing controversy over his foreign policy adviser Denko Maleski, who declared that much of Macedonia’s history was falsified to create a nation separate from the Bulgarian. Maleski, who was once a die-hard opponent of Macedonia’s independence...

Macedonia 28.04.20 | 12:18

Macedonia’s first Foreign Minister Denko Maleski says the country should review its history in line with the Bulgarian historical narrative

The first Macedonian Foreign Minister Denko Maleski, who was a strong contender to be the SDSM presidential candidate in the 2019 elections, published an editorial in which he agrees with the Bulgarian position that Macedonians and Bulgarians “were the same people”. The editorial was published...

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