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Macedonia 09.07.20 | 17:26

Zaev has hard time selling his policy at the Tetovo market

Zoran Zaev had an unpleasant exchange that was caught on camera as he was promoting his latest election promises at the Tetovo farmers’ market. He was confronted by several men who told him he can’t count on the votes of ethnic Albanians any more because he betrayed his past promises. –...

Economy 23.01.19 | 12:39

One of Zaev’s richest ministers rudely rebuffs seller who complains about new fees, regulation

One of the richest men in Zaev’s Government, Economy Minister Kreshnik Bekteshi, rudely told off a farmers market seller who complained that she and her colleagues are poor and can’t afford the new fees and regulation imposed on them. Please don’t manipulate us. We are poor, the woman...

Economy 18.01.19 | 23:57

Green Market protesters tell Zaev they will punish him in the elections

We will vote for Mickoski, said shopkeepers who protested in front of the Parliament today, after the Zoran Zaev led Government introduced new fees for simply selling fruit and vegetables at the farmers markets. Protesters called on Zaev to “come to his senses” or expect them to support the...

Economy 18.01.19 | 12:26

Protest at one of Skopje’s largest markets

The Green Market, one of the largest farmers markers in Skopje, was closed today due to a protest against the new law introducing additional costs for operating in the market, as well as banning retirees from working there. We already pay 20.000 denars in taxes every year in order to able to work here....

Economy 19.12.18 | 11:12

Government cracks down on retirees selling at the farmers’ markets

The new law on trade will ban retirees or persons who hold freelance jobs from also working at the open air markets. According to the law, which goes into effect in 2019, these categories of citizens will not be able to rent a selling booth at one of these markets, which are frequently main source of...

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