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Macedonia 12.06.21 | 09:59

Girl that went missing in Kocani returned home

Teenage girl that went missing in Kocani on Thursday morning has been found. The search for Natasa Nikolova (16) lasted over Friday. She returned to her home on Friday before midnight, exhausted but in overall good condition, with no injuries. She was likely missing during a hike in a rugged area, although...

Macedonia 11.06.21 | 22:07

Missing girl in Kocani

Search parties are organized in Kocani, after a 16 year old girl went missing. Natasa Nikolova left her home yesterday morning, telling her parents that she’s going to school to return the textbooks, even though they later learnt that this was not required. She never showed up at school and didn’t...

Macedonia 13.07.20 | 13:15

Boy reported missing in February reunited with the family

A 15 year old boy who was reported missing in mid February was located by the police and returned home. The boy was found on the Vardar river quay in Skopje, parts of which are popular with squatters.

Macedonia 20.03.20 | 18:07

Elderly man who went missing in Skopje 13 months ago found dead

The family of Aliben Abdul, who went missing more than a year ago, informed the public that the man was found deceased. The Abdul family urged the public to help them search for the elderly man once he was reported as missing. They did not reveal details where he was found and didn’t say that some...

Macedonia 21.02.20 | 20:05

Mother from Skopje reports that her 13 year old daughter has gone missing

A mother from Skopje reported to the police that her 13 year old daughter went missing. The incident was reported in the Suto Orizari district. The police said that they are looking for the girl.

Macedonia 01.02.20 | 13:36

Mother from Bosilovo who went missing two weeks ago was pregnant, family says

The family of Marija Brzakova, who has gone missing from her village of Bosilovo near Strumica almost two weeks ago, revealed that she was two months pregnant when she disappeared. She is already the mother of the three year old. Local hunters and villagers have joined the search, but so far it has produced...

Macedonia 23.01.20 | 16:33

Dogs included in the search for missing Bosilovo woman

Search parties with dogs are being dispatched around the village of Bosilovo near Strumica, looking for Marija Brzakova (28) who has been missing since Saturday afternoon. The mother of one is 160 cm tall and was wearing dark sport clothes when she was last seen. She left home without her cell phone....

Macedonia 21.01.20 | 17:02

Woman from Bosilovo near Strumica has been missing since Saturday morning

A 28 year old woman from the village of Bosilovo near Strumica was declared missing by her husband. Marija Brzakova as last seen on Saturday morning, but she was only reported missing on Monday afternoon. The police called on anybody who sees her to report it immediately.

Macedonia 11.07.19 | 20:35

Elderly man from Skopje has been missing for a week

The family of 73 year old Miroslav Vidovski from Skopje is appealing to the public to help find the elderly man who has been missing for a week now. He lives in downtown Skopje, close to the Parliament building. He left his apartment and went missing. The family posted a number, 077-626-145, and asks...

Macedonia 15.06.19 | 10:28

Daughter urges help from the public to locate her father who has been missing since February

Denisa Abdul from Skopje is urging the public to help find her father Aliben, who has been missing since February. The elderly man left his home in downtown Skopje wearing a black jacked, black pants and a black cap. He was headed to a farmers’ market and was carrying a wheeled bag.

Macedonia 08.03.19 | 19:01

Parents of two missing persons will protest in front of the Parliament, doubtful the police is doing anything to find their loved ones

Maja Tprkovska and Bekir Aslan, parents for Pino Sekondo and Arben Aslan, who have been missing for months, will protest tomorrow in front of the Parliament. Trpkovska says that her 26 year old son has been missing for three months now. The inspector who was assigned to the case in the meantime retired...

Macedonia 06.03.19 | 18:16

Eleven year old boy reported missing in Bitola

Bitola police initiated a search after an 11 year old boy who has been missing from his home since Monday. The boy had left his home before, on several occasions, the police informed.

Macedonia 21.02.19 | 15:27

Another person goes missing in Skopje

The family of a 35 year old man from Skopje reported him missing. Goran Atanasovski was last seen in a downtown shopping mall and was planning to go to a hardware store in the eastern Gazi Baba district, but then all contact was lost. The family gave a contact number and description of the missing person....

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