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Macedonia 19.01.22 | 18:44

Underage girl raped near Probistip

An underage girl from a village near Probistip was reportedly raped on Friday. The assault was reported by her mother, who said that a 27 year old man from the area of Kratovo attacked her daughter. Prosecutors have been notified and the allegation is being investigated.

Macedonia 27.10.21 | 18:52

Mickoski campaigns in Probistip, hopes to extend the winning streak toward smaller cities and rural areas

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski campaigned in Probistip today – one of the smaller cities that holds a run-off mayoral vote on Sunday. VMRO won convincingly in the major urban centers across Macedonia against SDSM, but hopes to complete the success by winning in as many smaller cities and...

Macedonia 02.10.21 | 11:03

Minister Filipce focuses on the SDSM election campaign even as he faces calls to resign after the deadly Tetovo hospital fire

As he faces calls for resignation because of the mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic and the catastrophic fire in the Tetovo Covid hospital, Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce is spending his time engaged in the election campaign of his SDSM party. Yesterday, Filipc was in Probistip, where he declared...

Macedonia 29.05.19 | 10:23

Probistip made bilingual even as no Albanians live there

The small city of Probistip, population 16.000, is 98.7 percent ethnic Macedonian. According to the 2002 census, the remaining 150 people living in the city include 89 Serbs, 37 Vlachs, six Turks, 1 Bosniak and no Albanians. And yet, under the Albanian language law, public institutions in Probistip are...