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Macedonia 21.01.21 | 13:59

Government fails to deliver on promises made to retirees, brags about pension increase of 3 euros

The citizens are living worse day by day and that is thanks to the SDSM government led by Zoran Zaev. The retirees also complained about this, but it is obvious that both the government and the Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Jagoda Sahpaska, are deaf to their complaints. Retirees also complain...

Economy 23.08.20 | 10:28

20,000 retirees were late in replacing their Eurostandard Bank accounts, and will not get their pensions on time

Only 30,000 retirees who were collecting their pensions through the Eurostandard Bank were able to switch to a different bank until Friday, which was the deadline given by the PIOM fund. That leaves 20,000 retirees who likely won’t be able to collect their pensions at the start of September, and...

Economy 11.02.20 | 20:19

Retirees will be able to pay into the PIOM fund to claim publicly funded pensions

Starting next month, citizens over 65 who do not qualify for public retirement pensions will be able to pay to enter the PIOM retirement scheme. Citizens who have not worked and paid into the PIOM fund for at least 15 years do not qualify for retirement income, but they will be able to enter for a fee....

Economy 29.01.19 | 18:55

Mickoski meets representatives of retirees amid retirement fund scandal and announced pension cuts

VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski met with representatives from the Union of retirees to discuss the new law which is expected to lead to retirement cuts, as well as the scandal with unpaid contributions developing in the PIOM retirement fund. In the past, and in the future, VMRO-DPMNE will ensure...

Economy 19.12.18 | 11:12

Government cracks down on retirees selling at the farmers’ markets

The new law on trade will ban retirees or persons who hold freelance jobs from also working at the open air markets. According to the law, which goes into effect in 2019, these categories of citizens will not be able to rent a selling booth at one of these markets, which are frequently main source of...

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