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Macedonia 02.03.24 | 14:41

Woman robbed a dying man in Veles

A bizarre incident was reported in Veles, where a 54 year old man died from natural causes while walking down a street. A woman then approached the body, robbed him and fled. Police identified the 32 year old robber, and apprehended her.

Macedonia 08.03.22 | 20:12

Police officer and a drug gangster arrested after the bank robbery in Skopje

Special police units detained a police officer and a narco mafia member after the armed robbery of a bank in Skopje today. An Uni Bank branch in the Kapistec part of Skopje was hit around noon by three armed attackers, during which one of them fired once. Police officers found bullet proof vests, gloves,...

Macedonia 01.12.20 | 13:41

Someone stole the wallet of a deceased Covid-19 patient in the Mother Teresa clinic in Skopje

Police is investigating the robbery of a deceased Covid-19 patient that was reported by his family. The patient, 72 year old D.K. from Skopje, died in the Mother Teresa complex in Skopje, and when the family claimed the body they realized that his wallet with money and personal documents, as well as...

Macedonia 20.08.20 | 09:55

Armed man robbed the UNI Bank branch in Krusevo

An armed robber attacked the UNI Bank branch in Krusevo yesterday early afternoon. The attacker forced the three employees who were in the branch at the time to hand over the contents of the safe. There is still no confirmation how much money he got off with.

Macedonia 05.07.20 | 15:37

Thieves steal a million EUR in cash from a house in Skopje

Skopje police informed that they are investigating the reported robbery of a million EUR from a house in the Nerezi suburb. The homeowner reported a break-in that occurred on Saturday evening. He said that the thieves took 800.000 EUR he was keeping in his home, along with a significant amount of US...

Macedonia 18.05.20 | 15:58

Machine gun wielding attackers take 30.000 EUR from a man near Skopje

A man from the village of Krusopek was attacked today in front of the Halk Bank branch in Saraj, west of Skopje. The man had more than 30.000 EUR on him when he was attacked by three men armed with automatic rifles. The group took the money and fled with a vehicle toward the Matka canyon.

Macedonia 06.03.20 | 10:21

Two armed robberies in Skopje

Armed robbers attacked a gas station in Skopje’s Butel district late yesterday evening. The attackers fired a bullet in the air as a warning to the employees before grabbing the money from the register. They then fled in the car they came in. The same evening, in Dracevo east of Skopje, an armed...

Macedonia 07.02.20 | 11:25

Bank robbery reported in Veles

Media outlets from Veles are reporting that a bank was robbed this morning. According to the early reports, there was one armed attacker, who barged into a bank in downtown Veles at 9:30 and ordered employees to give him money, after which he fled. There are no reports of injuries.

Macedonia 18.01.20 | 11:52

Man sought for the violent 2009 Procredit bank robbery arrested in Tetovo

Special police unit arrested Idriz Rustemi (34), one of the attackers of the Procredit bank in Skopje in April 2009. The attack prompted a gun-fight in downtown Skopje, with the AK-47 armed bandits spraying machine gun fire across a busy boulevard. Three police officers were wounded in the brazen robbery....

Macedonia 08.12.19 | 21:01

Off-duty police officer shot in the arm while trying to prevent a robbery in Skopje

An off duty police officer was shot and wounded while trying to prevent a robbery in the Cair district of Skopje. The incident happened this afternoon around 17h, when the officer, identified by his initials as J.J. witnessed the robbery attempt. He tried to stop the two robbers, but they fired at him,...

Macedonia 10.11.19 | 11:19

Street sweeper shot in the leg as he tried to prevent an armed robbery in Skopje’s Bit Pazar

A street sweeper was injured in a gunfight at the Bit Pazar market yesterday evening as he tried to prevent a robbery. Eyewitnesses say that a group of armed criminals were breaking into a store, and the cleaner began to shout in an attempt to scare the off. The robbers opened fire. A dozen of shots...

Macedonia 05.08.19 | 12:52

Armed robbers attack a highway paytoll station near Skopje

A group of armed robbers attacked the eastern paytoll station on the Skopje – Tetovo highway early this morning. The two attackers pointed weapons at the employees and held them hostage. At one point, one of them was threatening passing vehicles who attempted to use that exact lane, while the other...

Macedonia 08.07.19 | 17:30

Saraj robbery – armed attackers took 115.000 EUR from the local NLB bank branch

The four armed attackers who robbed an NLB bank branch in the village of Saraj west of Skopje today took off with 115.000 EUR, the bank informed. The robbery occurred at 10:40 and the attackers took only five minutes to subdue the staff and the customers and empty the safes. This is the second such robbery...

Macedonia 08.07.19 | 14:33

NLB bank in Saraj robbed

An armed group robbed early Monday the branch office of NLB Banka in the Skopje municipality of Saraj. An armed group robbed this morning the branch office of NLB Banka in the Skopje municipality of Saraj. At the time of the events in the branch office were present employees and clients, all of which...

Macedonia 17.05.19 | 17:39

Two minors, one of them a German citizen, robbed while visiting a fair in Skopje

Two minors, a 17 year old German citizen and a 13 year old boy from Macedonia, were robbed by a four member gang while visiting a fair in Skopje. The incident happened yesterday afternoon, in the fair that was recently put up near the Boris Trajkovski sports hall. The two were robbed of their phones.

Macedonia 04.02.19 | 14:21

Five masked men armed with automatic rifles rob Halk bank near Skopje

Five masked men armed with automatic rifles robbed a Halk bank in the northern industrial zone Vizbegovo near Skopje. There is no confirmation about the amount of money stolen by the attackers from the Turkish owned bank chain. The Interior Ministry still hasn’t released any details about the attack.

Macedonia 25.12.18 | 21:20

Armed robbery shocks Prilep, attackers injured female jewelry store owner

Another shocking criminal act happened in Macedonia on Tuesday morning, when three armed robbers attacked a jewelry store in Prilep. Store video shows them firing two shots in the locked glass door of the store, breaking through it, before emptying the safe in a matter of minutes. (function(d, s, id)...