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Macedonia 05.02.24 | 15:56

Alliance leader Taravari threatened with a Kalasnikov bullet left in front of his home

Mayor of Gostivar and leader of the Alliance of Albanians party Arben Taravari received a death threat today when somebody left a bullet from a Kalasnikov rifle in front of his home. The clear threat comes days after Taravari declared his support for the bloc of opposition Albanian parties who are challenging...

Macedonia 18.06.23 | 15:52

Mickoski: The danger was never more clear and immediate

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski warned that the country is facing demands for “decomposing the Macedonian national identity”. Speaking at the conference held to commemorate the 33rd anniversary of the founding of the party, Mickoski reiterated that VMRO will not support amending the...

Macedonia 09.12.22 | 11:50

Shopping malls and the main transportation hub in Skopje are being evacuated after a wave of bomb threats

Skopje is hit by a wave of bomb threats. After schools had to be evacuated over the past month due to false threats whose source was never found out, now the threats are targeting shopping malls and key infrastructure. East Gate, Biser and Flatiron are among the shopping malls and residential centers...

Macedonia 10.03.22 | 13:02

Gostivar man charged after threatening to kill his wife and three children on March 8th

A man from Gostivar is being charged after he assaulted his estranged wife and three children. On March 8th, the man came to their home and, after a dispute through the intercom, threatened to “kill them all”. Police officers determined that the man has already been reported for various crimes,...

Balkans 24.08.21 | 12:35

Bomb threats in Solun

A number of hotels in Solun (Thessaloniki) received bomb threats yesterday, prompting the police to conduct urgent checks. The threats were sent through email. Greek media report that bomb threats are frequent in the country, but not in such coordinated fashion.

Macedonia 01.01.21 | 10:34

Son of Zaev’s security adviser sends him an open threat

Aleksandar Verusevski, the son of notorious former security chief and Zaev’s security adviser Zoran Verusevski, issued a public New Year threat to Zaev. Get ready rabbit (Zaev), you will be chased by LIONS in 2021, Aleksandar Verusevski wrote. He has issued similar statements in the past, making...

Macedonia 25.06.20 | 19:26

Boki 13 received a death threat while he was testifying

The lawyer representing Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13 received a death threat aimed at him and his client today, while Boki was testifying on the serious corruption allegations he made against the ruling SDSM party. I was told to “be careful what is said there”. I could not recognize the...

Macedonia 29.01.20 | 15:55

All clear given in the Skopje City Mall bomb threat

The bomb search in Skopje’s City Mall ended a little while ago. The mall, which is Skopje’s and Macedonia’s largest, was evacuated earlier today after a bomb threat. Police units search the stores for hours. So far there are no reports that they actually found a bomb. Shop employees...

Macedonia 13.08.19 | 21:47

Journalist Branko Geroski asks Zaev: Are you threatening me?

Following today’s shocking statement by Zoran Zaev, journalist Branko Geroski asked the Prime Minister if he is threatening him? Zaev said that he will not allow criminals, one “vain journalist” (a clear refference to Geroski), and one “faggot” (an even clearer reference...