Mayor of Gostivar and leader of the Alliance of Albanians party Arben Taravari received a death threat today when somebody left a bullet from a Kalasnikov rifle in front of his home.

The clear threat comes days after Taravari declared his support for the bloc of opposition Albanian parties who are challenging DUI and their partner SDSM at the coming elections. Taravari’s decision upset SDSM’s hopes that they will be able to secure another term in office with the help of the bulk of the ethnic Albanian votes, and now it seems that the Albanian vote will be evenly divided. This is becoming more and more certain as Kosovan Prime Minister Albin Kurti declared his support for the opposition group, while Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama supports DUI and SDSM.

Taravari found the bullet himself, as he was heading to work. Police is investigating the scene.

DUI and SDSM are also trying to break up the party, counting on former Alliance of Albanians leader Ziadin Sela and Justice Minister Krenar Loga to push against Taravari, who has the support of Healthcare Minister Fatmir Mexhiti and Public Administration Minister Azir Aliu. The Sela wing of the party insists that the Alliance of Albanians runs in the elections independently, without adding its votes to the opposition bloc, which would help DUI.

An incident was also reported in Tetovo yesterday, where Driton Nebiu, head of the Government institution for management with seized property. Nebiu says that he declared for the Sela wing of the party, and was attacked by a party activist who is close to Taravari. According to Nebiu, the attacker is a football hooligan and used a rifle butt to beat him up.