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Macedonia 28.04.21 | 17:14

Attempted rape in Gostivar

A 41 year old man from Gostivar is facing charges after an attempted rape yesterday. The man assaulted a woman in her home. He demanded coffee from her and when she refused, he began hitting her and touching her. The woman resisted and at one moment managed to free herself from the man and ran into the...

Macedonia 30.03.21 | 17:03

Elementary school near Gostivar will close after three teachers test positive

The Lirija elementary school in the village of Vrutok near Gostivar will close after three teachers were reported positive to the coronavirus. The infection was reported in the Macedonian language department. Students will continue to attend online classes.

Macedonia 16.03.21 | 21:16

Police arrests the mother of the 7-year old who died in a fire

Gostivar police arrested the mother of the seven year old child which died in a fire in an apartment building today. The shocked firefighters found the child chained by the legs. The case is being investigated as one of neglect and child abuse. The reportedly woman moved into Gostivar recently with her...

Macedonia 16.03.21 | 17:51

Horror in Gostivar: Abused, tied 7 year old child dies in a fire

A seven year old child has died in a fire in an apartment building in Gostivar. Firefighters informed prosecutors that the child was found chained inside the apartment, prompting an investigation into possible murder. The family acknowledged that they were keeping the child tied because “it was...

Macedonia 12.03.21 | 12:54

Gostivar: Rapist charged for an assault perpetrated in December

Gostivar prosecutors filed rape charges against a 49 year old man. He is charged with attacking a woman in mid December, taking her to her home and forcing himself on her. At one moment during the assault the woman was able to push the attacker away and flee.

Macedonia 09.03.21 | 12:21

Police questions Gostivar man who became violent toward local hospital staff after his mother died

A man from Gostivar was questioned yesterday after becoming violent in the city hospital after his mother died. Police said that the 78 year old woman as admitted for treatment on Monday early afternoon and died soon after. Her 51 year old son became aggressive when hearing the news, threatened he staff...

Macedonia 04.03.21 | 18:39

Gostivar prosecutors file charges against the man who killed his wife with an axe

The man from Gostivar who killed his wife with an axe in September is finally facing criminal charges. Prosecutors asked the court to keep the 67 year old man in detention as the charges were presented before the court. According to the charges, the man was feuding with his 60 year old wife for a longer...

Macedonia 02.03.21 | 18:36

SDSM party activist with zero experience hired to the ANB security agency

The ANB intelligence agency hired an SDSM party activist who, at 43 years of age, didn’t have a single prior day of work experience. Netpress reports that Dragoljub Filipovski, who was nominated by SDSM to the Parliament from Gostivar, was hired in the ANB agency. ANB is the biggest security service...

Macedonia 14.02.21 | 13:31

Driver killed in an accident near Gostivar as heavy snow makes many roads hazardous

A motorist was killed in a traffic accident on the Gostivar – Kicevo road. Two passengers were also badly injured. All of them are in their 50-ies. The vehicle, a BMW with Swiss license plates, slid off the road due to the heavy snow around midnight. Local and national authorities were caught flat-footed...

Macedonia 08.02.21 | 23:05

Tetovo has three times more municipal employees than Gostivar, and only 2,000 residents more

The Mayor of Gostivar, Arber Taravari, spoke on TV Telma’s “Top tema” show, among other things, about the number of employees in the municipalities. He said that Tetovo has only two thousand residents more than Gostivar, but the municipal administration has 580 employees, compared to...

Macedonia 11.01.21 | 10:32

Albanians post threatening messages aimed at Macedonians in Gostivar

Another ugly video was shared on TikTok, after a series of incidents that were filmed and gleefully posted online, including reckless driving and having a child fire a gun in the air. In the latest video, Albanian nationalists filmed themselves shouting at Macedonians in Gostivar, ordering them to go...

Macedonia 01.01.21 | 17:02

Woman saved from the Vardar river in Skopje; man killed in Gostivar

Rescuers saved a 67 year old woman from the Vardar river in Skopje today. Citizens reported seeing the woman early this morning. Police officers rushed to the scene and saved the woman, taking her to hospital. She was unharmed. Meanwhile in Gostivar, the body of a man aged between 30 and 40 was pulled...

Macedonia 22.11.20 | 11:56

Police breaks up wedding near Gostivar

Police and inspectors cut short a wedding in the village of Zdunje near Gostivar, wher more than 70 guests were gathered. The wedding, taking place in a restaurant owned by a man from Gostivar, was reported to the inspectors. The owner is being charged with ignoring regulations during a pandemic.

Macedonia 05.11.20 | 09:20

Police raids an illegal wedding near Gostivar

Police raided a restaurant near Gostivar where a wedding was taking place in violation of coronavirus restrictions. The owner of the restaurant in Dobri Dol was arrested and will be charged with endangering public health.

Macedonia 19.10.20 | 12:32

Gostivar monastery broken into

The Transfiguration of Christ monastery in Gostivar was broken into yesterday, in broad daylight, and money were stolen from the donations boxes. Caretakers for the monastery say that the theft occurred some time between 8 and 18h.

Macedonia 07.10.20 | 15:41

Two dozen charges over fraudulent contracts involving Tetovo and Gostivar town halls

Fokus reports that prosecutors, acting on evidence from the financial police, have detained a number of businessmen, bankers and accountants in relation to suspicious public procurement contracts issued by the Tetovo and Gostivar municipal authorities. The names of the businessmen involved were concealed...

Macedonia 01.09.20 | 17:32

Citizens of Gostivar alarmed after empty caskets were found dumped near the city

The public in Gostivar is concerned after several caskets were found at a dump site near the city. It appears that the caskets were of the type used to bury coronavirus patients and speculations are rife that it may have been a case where a supervised burial of a Covid-19 patient, that requires a hermetically...

Macedonia 29.08.20 | 09:37

Girl from Gostivar drowns and a man who tried to help her missing in the Vardar river

A girl from Gostivar drowned in the Vardar river yesterday, and a man who went in to try and save her is missing, the police said. The incident occurred yesterday evening, when the woman was spotted struggling in the waters of the river near an industrial site in the eastern part of the city. A man rushed...

Economy 29.08.20 | 09:31

Protests in Tetovo and Gostivar against the energy price hike

Hundreds of citizens of Tetovo and Gostivar protested yesterday afternoon against the planned energy price hike of 7.4 percent. The price hike was timed for shortly after the elections, while the ruling parties SDSM and DUI campaigned on a modest energy subsidy they introduced earlier and on the promise...

Macedonia 26.07.20 | 10:11

Gostivar threatened by ecological catastrophe: Rusino landfill burning for ten days in a row

The Rusino landfill has been burning for more than ten days and the city is wrapped up in fog, and the institutions do not react despite the menacing situation. The Ministry of Environment assures that all legal measures will be taken as of Monday by a group of concerned citizens. Although the problem...