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Macedonia 09.07.20 | 13:20

Zaev: No one has lost anything with the adoption of the Language Law

Gostivar is the source of the concept of one society for all and we confirm that spirit throughout the country, said SDSM leader Zoran Zaev at a party event in Gostivar. Gostivar has always been an example of multiethnicity, an example of unity. That is the future, that unity is the only right path,...

Macedonia 06.07.20 | 11:54

Culev: Non-selective law enforcement, fight against corruption and crime, these are the foundations on which we will build police operations in the future

The Minister of Interior, Nake Culev, met with the citizens of Gostivar, where, as he wrote on Facebook, they said that they want to live in a country where the laws will be respected and the rule of law will prevail. Order, non-selective law enforcement, intensified fight against corruption and crime,...

Macedonia 02.07.20 | 22:17

Mickoski in Gostivar: The concept of honor, dignity and pride will win on July 15

Hristijan Mickoski, VMRO-DPMNE leader said Thursday during a visit to Gostivar that after the July 15 elections, there will be a new beginning, more beautiful years for all citizens of this country, stressing that is why the next 4 years where the renewal will win throughout Macedonia are important to...

Macedonia 25.06.20 | 22:42

Stojanoska: All citizens of Gostivar, regardless of their ethnic background, are angry at Zaev

Dafina Stojanoska, who leads the VMRO-DPMNE list in the 6th, north-western district, met with supporters in Gostivar today, where she said that citizens of all ethnic groups and religions can’t wait to be rid of the corrupt Zoran Zaev regime. The citizens of Gostivar are angry at Zaev for his humiliation...

Macedonia 24.06.20 | 16:50

SDSM activists filmed bribing voters in Gostivar with food parcels

SDSM party activists were filmed distributing packages with food to poor, mainly Roma voters in a part of the city of Gostivar. With the election campaign officially beginning today, footage such as this makes it clear that SDSM will continue to buy votes in the poorest areas in Macedonia, using food...

Macedonia 04.06.20 | 18:48

Gostivar plans to introduce corona patrols

Gostivar Mayor Arben Taravari called for patrols that would warn companies and citizens to respect the coronavirus restrictions. Taravari said that municipal authorities will ask the Interior Ministry to help set up these patrols that would go to restaurants, cafes and shops, inspecting whether the restrictions...

Macedonia 01.06.20 | 11:47

Taravari: The coronavirus situation has gotten out of control

Doctor Arben Taravari, who is Mayor of Gostivar and deputy leader of the Alliance of Albanians, warns that the coronavirus situation has gotten out of control. He called on the Government to stop being passive in its handling of the epidemic and stop blaming the citizens for the spread. We urgently need...

Macedonia 30.04.20 | 12:08

Elderly woman from Gostivar died from Covid-19

An elderly woman from the village of Gorna Banjica near Gostivar died yesterday from complications caused by Covid-19. The woman suffered from cancer for a while and was rushed to hospital two days ago with a difficult respiratory condition. Gostivar had relatively few cases so far, and the woman and...

Macedonia 15.04.20 | 13:02

Good news: After Debar, no new coronavirus patients registered in Gostivar

There are no newly registered coronavirus cases in the municipality of Gostivar. The total number of infected to date remains five. A new case was registered in the neighboring municipality of Vrapciste. Thus, in this Polog municipality there are three people who tested positive for Covid- 19. This morning,...

Macedonia 16.03.20 | 17:13

Restaurant owner from Gostivar arrested for allowing seated customers

A restaurateur from Gostivar as arrested today for keeping his place open despite the orders put in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Gostivar police made the arrest today around 13h, when the restaurant was sen open, with several customers being served inside. The measures put in place...

Macedonia 01.03.20 | 10:50

Kicevo – Gostivar motorway closed due to an accident

All traffic along the Kicevo – Gostivar motorway is stopped this morning following a car crash just north of Kicevo. Motorists are advised to take this into account when planning their trips to Ohrid or Skopje.

Macedonia 13.02.20 | 14:14

Impassioned plea for unity between Macedonians and Albanians

A video from the late night Jadi Burek show, hosted by Janko Ilkovski, has gone viral. In it, an elderly ethnic Albanian caller makes an impassioned plea for unity between Macedonians and Albanians in the run up to the elections. Let’s stop with all the foolishness, discussing who is braver or...

Macedonia 31.01.20 | 12:06

Elementary school teacher from Gostivar (54) arrested after assaulting a pupil

An elementary school teacher from Gostivar was arrested for assaulting an underage female student. The incident happened on Wednesday, when the 54 year old teacher locked the girl in a room, where he groped and kissed her. He was ordered into a month long detention while the case against him is prepared.

Macedonia 24.01.20 | 13:18

Man reports to the police that he was fooled into paying a 1.000 EUR bribe to get a public sector job

A man from Gostivar reported to the police that he was duped by a person who promised him help to get his girlfriend hired at a public administrative position. The 23 year old man man paid a bribe of 1.000 EUR to a woman from Skopje who he met over Facebook. The woman came to Gostivar and collected the...

Macedonia 22.01.20 | 09:43

Gostivar suffered from horrific levels of air pollution overnight

Even for Macedonian winter standards, the city of Gostivar had extremely high levels of air pollution overnight, with nearly 1.000 micrograms of PM10 particles measured per cubic meter. Other cities were also bad, but not nearly as bad as Gostivar. Skopje measured over 400 micrograms at the Rectorate...

Macedonia 24.11.19 | 13:23

Protesters in Gostivar ask Zaev why he keeps seizing authority from the local town hall

Outgoing Prime Minister Zoran Zaev was welcomed by protesters in Gostivar, as he arrived for a pre-election rally. The protesters held signs accusing Zaev for severely limiting the authority of the Gostivar town hall, and moving them to the central level. This was done after Arben Taravari from the opposition...

Macedonia 15.11.19 | 16:20

Zbogar says that until October he also believed in the promises EU gave Macedonia

European Union Ambassador to Macedonia Samuel Zbogar again reiterated to the public that, after the fiasco at the European Council in October, it’s best not to promise deadlines and timeframes regarding the opening of EU accession talks. Speaking in Gostivar, Zbogar said that up until October he...

Culture 13.11.19 | 19:23

Actors kicked out from the Gostivar theater claim they’re pressured for political reasons

Visar Viska, the Colored Revolution activist who was appointed acting director of the Gostivar theater, called the police on two actors after an incident erupted during a rehearsal. The actors claim that they were part of the play, but Viska removed them. We came for the rehearsal, but we were led out...

Macedonia 11.11.19 | 13:59

Driver for the Durmo Tours company withdraws his statement that the buses were rigged to fool the speed sensors

Besnik Halimi, a driver working for the Gostivar based Durmo Tours bus agency, changed his initial testimony in which he confirmed that the buses had a device used to fool the speed sensors during the court hearing today. The device could be activated by the driver and it would tamper with the results...

Macedonia 06.11.19 | 17:05

The fatal Gostivar bound bus had a device used to fool its speed sensors

The Durmo Tours company bus, which overturned on the Skopje – Tetovo highway in February killing 16 people, had a device that was used to forge speed data collected by the tachograph sensor. A driver from the same company who was summoned as a witness during the court hearing today confirmed that...