The split in DUI affected the party’s branch in Gostivar, which is now left without representatives in the executive.

Resmi Ejupi, state secretary in the Labour and Welfare Ministry, informed that he has been fired because he sided with the faction led by Izet Mexhiti. DUI leader Ali Ahmeti and his deputy Artan Grubi have been cracking down on Mexhiti’s faction hard, in an attempt to stop it from spreading. The main demand of the faction is the removal of Artan Grubi from his position as First Deputy Prime Minister.

The only reason I was removed from office was my public support for a different line of thinking within the party. No type of political repercussions will stop me from continuing to speak freely and supporting opinions that help our society. I will continue to be part of the Fire Group as well as of DUI as a political party, Ejupi said, using the self-styled name of Mexhiti’s faction.