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Macedonia 27.09.21 | 23:24

Ahmeti spoke about healthcare and the environment while presenting his DUI candidates in the local elections

The DUI party also held its first inaugural event, presenting its mayoral candidates at the October local elections this evening. Party leader Ali Ahmeti spoke at the event, while the candidates of the party that is trying to adopt a “green” image, sat around him in front of the Culture Center...

Macedonia 23.09.21 | 10:17

Horse filmed galloping on the highway near Gostivar

Social media users shared a video of a horse galloping on the Tetovo – Gostivar highway yesterday, while dragging a cart. Police was seen in close pursuit, both heading in the wrong direction, and eventually stopped the horse. Dogs are commonly seen on highway lanes, but a horse is a bit much even...

Macedonia 14.09.21 | 18:19

Classes in corona hit Tetovo and Gostivar will continue to be held online for one more week

Pupils in Tetovo and Gostivar will continue to attend online classes for another week, the Government announced today. The two cities are worst hit by the large current coronavirus wave. The Government continues to insist that elementary and high school students in the rest of the country attend in-person...

Macedonia 31.08.21 | 17:24

Female corona patient who was filmed fleeing the Gostivar hospital has been discharged

A female coronavirus patient from Gostivar was discharged from the hospital after she was filmed fleeing through a window. Despite strict orders that patients must remain in their rooms, the patient kept walking through the corridors, and eventually popped out to a near-by bakery after being unsatisfied...

Macedonia 27.08.21 | 09:31

Cities in the West of Macedonia continue to be hardest hit by the current corona wave

Cities in Western parts of Macedonia who hosted tens of thousands of majority Albanian emigrants during the summer continue to be worst hit in the on-going wave of the illness. Tetovo and Gostivar had 87 and 72 new cases diagnosed over the past day, and six and five of the newly reported deaths. Three...

Macedonia 23.08.21 | 10:10

Gostivar becomes Ground Zero for the new coronavirus pandemic wave

Gostivar Mayor doctor Arben Taravari warned that the city is in a dire situation as it is flooded with coronavirus cases. The situation is so bad that the Healthcare Ministry is even considering quarantine. The number of patients surpasses the hospital capacity. This Delta strain is far more infectious...

Macedonia 22.08.21 | 16:08

Gostivar hit by a tsunami of coronavirus cases

Doctors in Gostivar warn that the city is facing a tsunami of coronavirus cases, Alfa TV reports. The local general hospital is filled to capacity and even as the most serious cases are sent to Skopje for treatment, many of those left in Gostivar are also in difficult condition. The Polog Valley is hardest...

Macedonia 19.08.21 | 17:00

Dozens of citizens infected with the coronavirus have broken their mandatory isolation, left for EU countries

About two dozen Macedonian citizens who tested positive to the coronavirus have left the country in the past few days. Reports of the outcome of mandatory police patrols are made daily, and every day the public is informed that several citizens were not found in their residence. Most of these cases include...

Macedonia 26.07.21 | 18:14

Taravari asks the Municipal Council to vote on extending the working hours for the hospitality industry in Gostivar

Gostivar Mayor, Arben Taravari, will ask the Municipal Council to vote on a decision to extend the working hours for the hospitality industry. According to him, it should recover the local economy and the tourism and hospitality industry. In the period when in our municipality has an increased influx...

Macedonia 28.04.21 | 17:14

Attempted rape in Gostivar

A 41 year old man from Gostivar is facing charges after an attempted rape yesterday. The man assaulted a woman in her home. He demanded coffee from her and when she refused, he began hitting her and touching her. The woman resisted and at one moment managed to free herself from the man and ran into the...

Macedonia 30.03.21 | 17:03

Elementary school near Gostivar will close after three teachers test positive

The Lirija elementary school in the village of Vrutok near Gostivar will close after three teachers were reported positive to the coronavirus. The infection was reported in the Macedonian language department. Students will continue to attend online classes.

Macedonia 16.03.21 | 21:16

Police arrests the mother of the 7-year old who died in a fire

Gostivar police arrested the mother of the seven year old child which died in a fire in an apartment building today. The shocked firefighters found the child chained by the legs. The case is being investigated as one of neglect and child abuse. The reportedly woman moved into Gostivar recently with her...

Macedonia 16.03.21 | 17:51

Horror in Gostivar: Abused, tied 7 year old child dies in a fire

A seven year old child has died in a fire in an apartment building in Gostivar. Firefighters informed prosecutors that the child was found chained inside the apartment, prompting an investigation into possible murder. The family acknowledged that they were keeping the child tied because “it was...

Macedonia 12.03.21 | 12:54

Gostivar: Rapist charged for an assault perpetrated in December

Gostivar prosecutors filed rape charges against a 49 year old man. He is charged with attacking a woman in mid December, taking her to her home and forcing himself on her. At one moment during the assault the woman was able to push the attacker away and flee.

Macedonia 09.03.21 | 12:21

Police questions Gostivar man who became violent toward local hospital staff after his mother died

A man from Gostivar was questioned yesterday after becoming violent in the city hospital after his mother died. Police said that the 78 year old woman as admitted for treatment on Monday early afternoon and died soon after. Her 51 year old son became aggressive when hearing the news, threatened he staff...

Macedonia 04.03.21 | 18:39

Gostivar prosecutors file charges against the man who killed his wife with an axe

The man from Gostivar who killed his wife with an axe in September is finally facing criminal charges. Prosecutors asked the court to keep the 67 year old man in detention as the charges were presented before the court. According to the charges, the man was feuding with his 60 year old wife for a longer...

Macedonia 02.03.21 | 18:36

SDSM party activist with zero experience hired to the ANB security agency

The ANB intelligence agency hired an SDSM party activist who, at 43 years of age, didn’t have a single prior day of work experience. Netpress reports that Dragoljub Filipovski, who was nominated by SDSM to the Parliament from Gostivar, was hired in the ANB agency. ANB is the biggest security service...

Macedonia 14.02.21 | 13:31

Driver killed in an accident near Gostivar as heavy snow makes many roads hazardous

A motorist was killed in a traffic accident on the Gostivar – Kicevo road. Two passengers were also badly injured. All of them are in their 50-ies. The vehicle, a BMW with Swiss license plates, slid off the road due to the heavy snow around midnight. Local and national authorities were caught flat-footed...

Macedonia 08.02.21 | 23:05

Tetovo has three times more municipal employees than Gostivar, and only 2,000 residents more

The Mayor of Gostivar, Arber Taravari, spoke on TV Telma’s “Top tema” show, among other things, about the number of employees in the municipalities. He said that Tetovo has only two thousand residents more than Gostivar, but the municipal administration has 580 employees, compared to...

Macedonia 11.01.21 | 10:32

Albanians post threatening messages aimed at Macedonians in Gostivar

Another ugly video was shared on TikTok, after a series of incidents that were filmed and gleefully posted online, including reckless driving and having a child fire a gun in the air. In the latest video, Albanian nationalists filmed themselves shouting at Macedonians in Gostivar, ordering them to go...