A fake Facebook comment is being shared in Gostivar, primarily by outlets and social media users close to the DUI party, alleging that local VMRO-DPMNE activists referred to DUI leader Ali Ahmeti as terrorist.

The post is meant to damage the opposition mayoral candidate in Gostivar, doctor Arben Taravari, who is facing off a challenge from DUI candidate Nevzat Bejta on Sunday. Taravari won in 2017 with the help of the VMRO voters in the city, and his odds for re-election look good, but DUI is trying to present him as too close to the Macedonians in the city and the fake, photoshopped comment is meant to inflame ethnic tensions.

Ahmeti was commander of the terrorist UCK/NLA organization that started a civil war in 2001. But the local VMRO branch says that they did not publish the comment at this sensitive moment.