The central rally of the Alliance for Albanians and Alternative coalition was held Thursday in the crowded sports hall in Gostivar, where the candidate for mayor of Gostivar Arben Taravari was promoted.

The insulting and sarcastic comments of the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev failed to change the minds of the people of Gostivar and to dissuade them from the intention to give their support to the current mayor Arben Taravari. In that way, they paid tribute to his work, and delegitimized the central government led by SDSM and DUI.

Just Gostivar, without buses, wrote Omer Ismani and shared photos of the rally.

The candidate for mayor of the municipality of Gostivar, asking for support for another term, talked about his work and pointed out that he has achieved a lot with his team.

We are the first municipality in terms of credibility, and last only in terms of corruption. This makes us proud and with this we seek votes. Our program is called “Transforming the city”. We worked hard on infrastructure and now it is the turn of tourism for four seasons. We want another term, because we want to continue with transparency. Our opponent came out at a press conference announcing the realization of 24 projects, I must tell them that we have already realized 18 of them, said Taravari in front of Gostivar people.

We need a clear victory, as in Gostivar, so that there are no more municipalities led by DUI and for the victory of the Alliance-Alternative coalition in the upcoming parliamentary elections, said the leaders of the Alliance for Albanians Ziadin Sela and Alternative, Afrim Gashi at the rally in Gostivar.