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Macedonia 28.08.20 | 14:05

Owner of four trucks that were set on fire in Skopje says he was deliberately targeted

Duplek Naser, the owner of a trucking company which had four of its trucks set on fire in Skopje severak days ago, says that he was targeted by arsonists. Naser says that security cameras filmed three men douse the trucks and set them on fire where they were parked in Skopje’s Butel district. “The...

Macedonia 14.03.20 | 21:16

Macedonian truckers return from Slovenia with a police escort

A convoy of Macedonian truckers stuck on the border between Croatia and Slovenia was given police escort to return to Macedonia. Forwarders from Macedonia have trucks stuck all over the region, with the new restrictions introduced due to the coronavirus. In this instance, the trucks were gathered in...

Macedonia 25.09.19 | 14:52

Two illegal migrants found in a Macedonian truck on the Serbian – Hungarian border

Serbian border guards stopped a truck with Macedonian licence plates carrying two illegal migrants. The men from India and Afghanistan were hiding in cages that were loaded in the truck, along with heavy machine parts. The truck made it to the Serbian – Hungarian border crossing Horgos. The destination...

Macedonia 04.09.19 | 16:35

Macedonian national killed in a collision in Poland

A thirty-five-year-old Macedonian died yesterday in a car crash around 16h near Piotrkow, Poland. The crash resulted in a collision of two trucks, with the Macedonian driver stuck in the truck’s cab. Emergency crews arrived immediately at the scene of the accident but failed to rescue him. According...

Macedonia 21.06.19 | 21:18

Routine police stop near Skopje ends in a fatal accident

A stop at a police checkpoint at the Skopje ring-road ended fatally for the passenger from Gostivar today. The police stopped a speeding BMW with Gostivar licence plates, and as they were talking with the driver, a truck plowed into the back of the stopped car which burst into fire. A passenger inside...

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