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Macedonia 19.06.21 | 17:44

Memorial plaque to Macedonian soldiers killed near Tetovo in 2001 destroyed just two weeks after it was put in place

A memorial to five Macedonian soldiers, who were killed in 2001 in the village of Gajre near Tetovo, was destroyed recently. The plaque was placed at the site of the NLA/UCK ambush just two weeks ago. The desecration of the memorials of our fallen veterans continues. The state has an obligation to protect...

Macedonia Economy 09.12.20 | 17:10

The economic blow of 2020 now rivals that of the war-torn 2001

In economic terms, 2020 is beginning to rival 2001 in terms of being a disaster for Macedonia, said opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski. While Macedonia suffered a civil war in the first half of 2001, 2020 is delivering a toll on the economy. Under this Government we are having an economic drop of 6...

Macedonia 13.08.20 | 10:20

All alone: No party leader wants to come to Ahmeti’s party

DUI party leader Ali Ahmeti is scheduled to hold a celebration of the signing of the 2001 Ohrid peace treaty, but the leaders of the other major Albanian parties refused to participate. Ahmeti planned to have the celebration where he would present himself as a heroic leader of the UCK/NLA terrorist organization...

Macedonia 10.08.20 | 11:47

Macedonia marks 19 years since the killing of eight soldiers by the Albanian UCK/NLA

Macedonia marks 19 years since the killing of eight army reservists near the village of Volkovo, killed by a landmine planted by the UCK/NLA Albanian terrorist organization during the 2001 war. Soldiers Tome Badarovski, Goce Cankulovski, Branko Janev, Tomislav Nastevski, Marjanco Boskovski, Ivica Zlatevski,...

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