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Macedonia 25.11.19 | 17:31

Adviser to Finance Minister Angelovska has collected more than 50.000 EUR in public contracts

An adviser to Finance Minister Nina Angelovska has collected more than 50.000 EUR in public contracts from dozens of institutions. Pavle Gacov was an outspoken supporter of progressive taxation and head of a consulting firm before being appointed to Angelovska’s cabinet. Lider.mk has revealed that...

Economy 01.11.19 | 17:18

Government abandons its progressive taxation scheme in favor of Gruevski’s 10 percent flat tax for the next three years

Finance Minister Nina Angelovska informed that the Government is giving up on the progressive taxation of income and will restore the 10 percent flat tax introduced by the Nikola Gruevski Government for the next three years in order to stimulate the economy. Zaev’s Government introduced an 18 percent...

Economy 08.10.19 | 15:09

Finance Minister Angelovska undecided as businesses ask her to postpone the capital gains tax

Finance Minister Nina Angelovska would not say whether she will examine the request to postpone the introduction of capital gains tax. Businesses asked that this new 15 percent tax, which would hit interest from bank deposits if it’s above 250 EUR a year, as well as other capital gains, is postponed....

Economy 16.09.19 | 17:24

Heavyweight advisers distance themselves from Finance Minister Angelovska, while a lightweight remains in her team

Seeral of the more heavy weight advisers to newly appointed Finance Minister Nina Angelovska took to their social media accounts to declare that they are not “part of her team” but simply external advisers. Meanwhile, another adviser was in for criticism for the lack of credentials and the...

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