Seeral of the more heavy weight advisers to newly appointed Finance Minister Nina Angelovska took to their social media accounts to declare that they are not “part of her team” but simply external advisers. Meanwhile, another adviser was in for criticism for the lack of credentials and the skimpy photos she shared online.

Angelovska presented what she said is her team yesterday, listing taxation expert Pavle Gacov and economics professor Marjan Petreski as her advisers. Both today issued similar statements saying that “my engagement is limited in scope, purely on an expert basis, and requires an independent analysis of the effects of the policies that will be implemented”. Petreski even noted that he is starting an educational stay in the United States and will not be working that closely with the Minister, whose appointment was widely criticized for her lack of experience.

On the other hand, one of her advisers, Anja Marija Makeska who will work on public relations and as a social media coordinator, was mocked online, after it was revealed that she cited “clerical tasks, accepting and making phone calls” as one of her tasks in her LinkedIn profile. Makeska spiced up her profile on the business networking page with skimpy photos seen as highly unprofessional by the public.