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Economy 20.12.23 | 19:20

ELEM workers will be given 20 to 30 thousand EUR to leave their jobs

Economy Minister Kresnik Bektesi announced that there will be layoffs at the ELEM/ESM energy company, including its major REK Bitola coal mine and power plant, that the Government wants to ultimately shut down as part of its green plans. REK Bitola generates the bulk of Macedonia’s energy. Bektesi...

Macedonia Economy 14.04.21 | 23:31

Parliament expected to vote on the stimulus bill tomorrow, Minister Bekteshi says

Economy Minister Kresnik Bekteshi said that he expects the Parliament to approve the fifth stimulus package tomorrow. The parties have reached a tentative agreement to unblock the Parliament, where the ruling majority was unable for months to establish a regular working rhythm, as it often lacked the...

Economy 24.09.20 | 10:33

Economy Minister admits that the coronavirus relief and stimulus program failed by more than half

Economy Minister Kresnik Bektesi acknowledged that less than half of the funds that were planned to go toward corona stimulus and relief were actually delivered to consumers and the businesses hit by the epidemic. In June, Bektesi claimed that over 550 million EUR were distributed in corona relief. But...

Macedonia 22.07.20 | 21:04

Economy Minister Bektesi contracted the coronavirus

Economy Minister Kresnik Bektesi informed the public that he has contracted the coronavirus. Bektesi, who comes from the DUI party, said that he is feeling well, and that his family is also being tested. He insisted that he was upholding all safety precautions but was not able to escape the virus.

Macedonia 16.06.20 | 18:57

Hotels will be allowed to reopen on Monday

Hotels will be allowed to reopen beginning Monday, the Economy Ministry announced today. During the coronavirus epidemic some hotels were repurposed as mandatory quarantine areas, and guest visits were banned. Economy Minister Kresnik Bektesi today said that the hotels are being informed of the protocols...

Macedonia 20.02.19 | 15:13

Nepotism watch: Economy Minister Bektesi refuses to ask his relatives to resign from the public companies where they were recently hired

Economy Minister Kresnik Bektesi was defiant today when asked whether he will ask his sister Vlora Bektesi to resign from the MEPSO state managed company, where she was recently hired, or to have his sister in aw Nertila Useini Kaba to resign from the ELEM company. Dozens of Government officials were...

Macedonia Economy 19.02.19 | 23:14

Nepotism watch: Two more relatives of Government officials hired in state owned energy companies

Shortly after it was revealed that Economy Minister Kreshnik Bektesi had his sister hired at the state owned MEPSO energy transportation company, today it turns out he had another relative landed in the state owned ELEM energy producing company. Politicians from the Albanian parties in Zoran Zaev’s...