Economy Minister Kresnik Bektesi announced that there will be layoffs at the ELEM/ESM energy company, including its major REK Bitola coal mine and power plant, that the Government wants to ultimately shut down as part of its green plans. REK Bitola generates the bulk of Macedonia’s energy.

Bektesi was asked about the recent add for hiring 500 people in the plant, which contravenes with the Government’s intention to close the facility. According to him, REK Bitola had many workers leave and faces labor shortages.

But we are preparing severance packages to help make the entire ESM company more liquid. We will offer existing employees severance if they go to the private sector, or retire. We will set aside 20 to 30 thousand EUR for an employee. In the REK Oslomej plant near Kicevo loses 16 million EUR per year. If we can cut these costs by 2030, we will help both the employees and the state, Bektesi said.