Shortly after it was revealed that Economy Minister Kreshnik Bektesi had his sister hired at the state owned MEPSO energy transportation company, today it turns out he had another relative landed in the state owned ELEM energy producing company.

Politicians from the Albanian parties in Zoran Zaev’s coalition, like Bektesi’s DUI, are yet to announce whether some of their relatives who were recently hired in the public administration and state managed companies will resign after allegations of nepotism. Two SDSM members of Parliament had their mother and son, respectively, resigned today after Zaev called on them to do so. Bektesi is considered one of the richest members of Zaev’s Government, and the latest relative he had hired is the sister of his wife’s brother.

Besides Bektesi, another Albanian official, Government Secretary General Tahir Hani, was revealed today that he has hired his son in ELEM. Nazmi Hani will work in the Treska branch of the company.