Mirjana Janeva, one of Zoran Zaev’s longest serving associates, used her influence to have her son Miki Tasev hired in a public sector job in the Strumica office for management with state owned real-estate property.

Janeva has been working with Zaev for over a decade, and he hired her straight out of prison where she served a sentence of over a year for abuse of office and embezzlement while working in a duty free shop at a border crossing with Bulgaria.

She worked under Zaev during his years as Strumica Mayor, and is now his chief of staff. Her son had only a high school degree, but the Strumica office used foresight and opened a job position with a lower educational requirement, so he was fortunate enough to land it.

After strong public criticism Zaev, who once publicly promised party supporters that when he is Prime Minister all public sector posts from the “cleaning lady up to the top director” will be filled with SDSM people, was forced to call on his Government officials to ask their relatives to resign. Several of them did, but new cases of nepotism are revealed daily.