In an extensive, five hours long interview, Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13 revelaed minute details about his corrupt activities that involve top SDSM party officials. The flamboyant showman is sentenced to a long prison term after he used his SDSM party ties to extort millions from businessman that were being prosecuted in the course of the Colored Revolution.

– I thought we were friends, that we share the same ideology and that we are comrades, as they call each other in the party. Zoran Zaev, his every other word to every one of us was “comrade, friend”. I was so naive. How could I’ve been a friend with a party whose people will sell their own child for money, said Jovanovski in the much watched “Lazarov” podcast, which broke viewership records as it streamed yesterday, on the start of the period of electoral silence as Macedonia goes to the first round of presidential elections.
Jovanovski used his close ties to Zaev and then Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva to extort money from businessman prosecuted by Janeva, primarily from Jordan Orce Kamcev. Kamcev famously recorded the exchanges and released the recordings, leading to the arrest of Janeva and Jovanovski, but the prosecutors did not dare investigate Zaev as well.

When Zaev started the Colored Revolution, when he began to publish audio recordings of businessmen, that is when the racketeering began. This is when he started to extort money.. We all believed in Zaev, his kindheartetness, his simplicity. But then I got to know another Zoran Zaev, Jovanoski said, offering his digital logs as evidence to the courts. Specifically on Zaev, he confirmed that he took 750,000 EUR from Bitola based businessman Siljan Micevski. Top SDSM party official Aleksandar Kiracovski was the intermediary in these deals, in exchange for which, Micevski was expected to win contracts in the major coal plant in Bitola. Kiracovski was Secretary General of SDSM, he put me in touch with the now late Siljan Micevski. He is the man who participated in the sharing of illegal profits from REK Bitola. Nothing could happen without the knowledge and approval of Zoran Zaev. I was witness wen Siljan Micevski, in my office in 1TV television, gave an envelope stuffed with money to Aleksandar Kiracovski, testified Bojan Jovanovski.

Regarding the best known extortion, the seizure of at least 1.5 million EUR from Kamcev, which Bojan Jovanovski and his associate Zoran Milevski – Kiceec famously took in a Louis Vuitton bag, Jovanovski confirmed that the money were taken by Kiceec and delivered to Zoran Zaevs brother Vice. “He took the bag, he left me home, and went to meet Vice Zaev in a seafood restaurant”.

Speaking of other top SDSM officials, Boki 13 testified that he negotiated the sale of the large, state owned 8th of September hospital to Kamcev. He said that he would meet with then Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce and Kamcev in his home outside of Skopje to discuss how much Kamcev would have to pay so that the huge former military hospital would be given to him through a public-private partnership. Filipce is currently the main associate of Zaev, and is running for Parliament as head of the SDSM party list from Zaev’s stronghold of Strumica.

Obviously I was close with Venko Filipce, if he agreed to negotiate deals worth millions with Jordan Kamcev in my home. The meetings took place in my home in Orman. At one meeting, Zaev was put on speakerphone to supprot the entire deal, Jovanovski said.

After the tapes recorded by Kamcev were released to the public, Jovanovski and Katica Janeva was persecuted by another SDSM party affiliated prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska. Before that, Ruskoska proved her loyalty to the party by chairing the April 27th trial, in which protesters, protest organizers and VMRO-DPMNE members of Parliament were charged with the 2017 incident in the Parliament. The case was used to blackmail the members of Parliament to vote in favor of the imposed name change, in exchange for their release, but the mere protesters are still in prison. During the podcast show, Boki 13 read messages he exchanged with Ruskoska, from her orders for high fashion shoes and clothes he delivered her from Italy to plans how to go after VMRO-DPMNE officials or insubordinate judges and prosecutors, and have that covered by Jovanovski’s 1TV station. “Send me a journalist, I will destroy Zoran Karadzovski. I loathe him. I will tell you what the journalist needs to ask me”, read one of the messages prosecutor Ruskoska sent Jovanovski. Other messages included Ruskoska announcing the long prison sentences for April 27 the day before they were handed by judge Dobrila Kacarska. “One will be a not guilty verdict, and all the others will be long prison sentences”, Ruskoska correctly informs Jovanovski. In the message Ruskoska is then planning Kacarska’s interview on 1TV after the sentencing, to drum up media support for the trial that SDSM used to rename and deface Macedonia.

Jovanovski is currently on medical leave from serving out the remainder of his sentence. He had complicated gastro surgeries that left him without his stomach and has to receive special care, food and treatment, but he still has one active and one potential prison sentence over his head. His previous attempts to have his phone messages, emails and other evidence admitted by court in order to expand the Racket trial failed as soon as he began to accuse Zoran Zaev of being at the top of the pyramid.