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Macedonia 01.09.20 | 12:24

Institution managed by Mayor Petre Silegov paid 160,000 EUR for the Dino Merlin New Year concert

Financial reports from the MKC youth cultural center show that it paid 160,000 EUR toward the 2020 New Year celebration organized by the city. Mayor Petre Silegov was suspiciously tight lipped about the fee paid to Bosnian singer Dino Merlin who performed that evening, and insisted that anonymous donors...

Macedonia 01.01.20 | 15:29

Dino Merlin draws more than 60.000 people for his New Year’s Eve concert in Skopje

Bosnian crooner Dino Merlin drew more than 60.000 people for his concert at the Macedonia Square in Skopje. Merlin was brought to ring in the New Year, along with a fireworks and laser display. People from across the region came for the concert, which was opened by Gypsy Groove and Superhiks.

Macedonia 17.12.19 | 13:23

City of Skopje does not say who will pay the highest fee in the Balkans for New Year’s Eve, opposition suspects business deal

Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov is still not revealing who are the sponsors that will pay 100,000 euros for Dino Merlin’s New Year’s Eve performance in Skopje. The funds for the music stars performing on New Year’s Eve, both in the past and this year, are funded by sponsors and the City...

Macedonia 16.12.19 | 18:15

Who is Silegov’s mysterious sponsor who will pay 100,000 euros for Merlin’s performance in Skopje?

These days, the public is agitated by reports coming from neighboring media about the amount of fees the Balkan stars will receive for their New Year’s Eve performances. Zdravko Colic and Dino Merlin, who will perform at Skopje Square for New Year’s Eve, will be paid the highest fees. When...

Macedonia 15.12.19 | 12:38

It’s not zero denars: Dino Merlin to perform in Skopje for New Year’s Eve for a fee of 100,000 euros

According to Serbian media, Dino Merlin will perform at the Skopje Square for New Year’s Eve for a fee of 100,000 euros. “Kurir.rs” reported on the fees of the Balkan stars for New Year’s Eve. So, besides Dino Merlin, Zdravko Colic will also earn 100,000 euros for that night. The...