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Economy 14.05.22 | 14:33

Croatia will introduce the euro as its official currency

Croatia adopted a law that will introduce the euro as its official currency. The vote was passed with 117 in favor and only 13 opposed. The law provides that the euro will become the official currency of Croatia starting on January 1st 2023. The kuna will be replaced by September that year and in the...

Economy 10.03.22 | 10:28

Push to change denars into euros felt in exchange offices in Skopje

Several exchange bureaus have told customers that they can’t buy euros, Nova Makedonija reported today, indicating a deepening of the economic and inflation crisis in Macedonia. I can’t find euros for several days now, in several stores. This morning I was able to buy only 200 EUR. The course...

Macedonia 26.09.20 | 12:01

The denar declines slightly against the euro

The euro gained slightly on the denar in the latest official exchange rate published by the Macedonian Central Bank. One euro now trades for 61.695 denars, which is still within the historic comfort zone. The bank has a stated goal of anchoring the denar to the euro.

Macedonia 27.03.20 | 23:27

Macedonian denar falls against the euro

The Macedonian denar took a noticeable dive against the euro on Friday, likely as the result of the coronavirus driven economic crisis. While usually pegged to the euro at a rate of around 1:61.5 some exchanges had the euro rated at 63.5 denars today. NBRM, Macedonia’s central bank, held its official...

Balkans 31.01.19 | 14:41

Bulgaria hopes to adopt euro by 2022

Bulgaria’s prime minister said Tuesday that his country still aims to adopt the euro by 2022 despite some opposition by some local businesses that fear greater scrutiny of the economy. Speaking at a business forum in the capital, Boyko Borissov said that one of the big benefits of joining the euro...