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Macedonia Economy 18.12.20 | 11:32

Macedonia ranked third poorest country in Europe

Eurostat ranked Macedonia as the third poorest country in Europe, with only Albania and Bosnia faring worse. The Macedonia GDP reaches only 31 percent of the European average, making the country among the worst off in the continent. It will take decades at best for Macedonia to catch up, it is estimated. Among...

Life 12.08.20 | 17:09

Young Swedish people leave home at 18, Macedonians at over 30

According to Eurostat data, young people in Macedonia and other countries in the region move out at over 30 years old. Young adults in Macedonia remain living with their parents until the age of 31.8, followed by Montenegro – 31.1, Serbia – 31.1 and Turkey 27.5. Eurostat provides no data for Bosnia...

Life 10.09.19 | 12:01

Macedonia is cheapest in Europe for alcohol drinks

According to the latest research by the European statistical agency Eurostat, Finland is the most expensive place for alcohol, while Bulgaria and Romania are the cheapest destinations in the EU. Across Europe, the price of spirits, wine and beer is the lowest in Macedonia and Bosnia & Herzegovina,...

Macedonia 16.08.19 | 19:29

Macedonia lost 24.000 people to the EU countries in 2018 alone

Eurostat data reveal that 24.000 people moved out of Macedonia last year into European Union countries. This amounts to 2.1 percent of the total population, which puts us in third place in the Balkans as a percentage of lost population, behind Kosovo and Albania. Nearly half of all who moved out of Macedonia...

Economy 04.08.19 | 22:59

Macedonia has the lowest average wage in the region

With 413 EUR, Macedonia has the lowest average wage in the region, Eurostat statistics show. Slovenia leads the Balkans with an average wage of 1.114 EUR, followed by Croatia with 886 EUR. Montenegro has an average wage of 516 EUR, and Bosnia and Serbia are nearly tied at 472 and 470 EUR.

Economy 25.05.19 | 10:22

Eurostat shows Macedonians among the last in Europe to move out of their parents’ home

Eurostat research shows that Macedonians are among the last Europeans to move out of their parents’ homes. If on average, a Swede moves out aged 18.5, in Macedonia, as in much of the Balkans, this comes in the early 30-ies. Macedonians would, on average, start their independent life at 31.7 years...