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Macedonia 16.12.21 | 13:57

LIVE: Hristijan Mickoski statement to the press in Gradsko

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski is visiting the municipality of Gradsko, to discuss projects planned by the newly elected Mayor Kiro Nackov. You can follow Mickoski’s statement live.

Macedonia 18.10.21 | 10:14

SEC published first full results from rural municipalities, is processing over 200 complaints

The State Electoral Commission published full mayoral results from five smaller, rural municipalities, as it continues to count the votes in the larger municipalities after the local elections on Sunday. According o the results, VMRO-DPMNE candidate Kiro Nackov won the race in Gradsko wit 55.6 percent...

Macedonia 09.10.21 | 21:17

Nikoloski calls for a mass turnout on October 17: We are not all the same, we offer changes and projects

VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski said at Sturday’s rally in the municipality of Gradsko these are not just local elections, but a referendum on how and in which direction Macedonia will move in the next four years. These elections are more than just local elections. These elections...

Macedonia 24.08.21 | 14:59

13 year old girl managed to fight off a rapist

A 13 year old girl from Gradsko successfully fended off a rapist who attacked her last week. The police informed today that it is prosecuting a 40 year old man who attacked the girl. The girl was at a party in her uncle’s home, and when she left, the suspect followed her. At one point he caught...

Macedonia 26.04.21 | 19:04

Albanian citizen arrested while transporting 21 illegal migrants from Pakistan and India through Macedonia

A citizen of Albania was detained while transporting a van with 21 illegal migrants from Pakistan and India. The group was intercepted near Gradsko, on the E-75 highway. The driver, 37-year old Albanian citizen identified by the police as A.B., tried to escape from the police when he was ordered to stop...

Macedonia 16.09.19 | 19:38

Spanish company sues Macedonia for 100 million EUR, after Zaev’s lieutenant canceled a motorway contract

Rubau Construcciones, the Spanish construction company which was hired to work on the Prilep – Gradsko motorway, is suing Macedonia for 100 million EUR in damages after the contract was annulled. The Spanish company blames Zaev’s handpicked head of the Macedonian Roads company Zoran Kitanov...