The State Electoral Commission published full mayoral results from five smaller, rural municipalities, as it continues to count the votes in the larger municipalities after the local elections on Sunday.

According o the results, VMRO-DPMNE candidate Kiro Nackov won the race in Gradsko wit 55.6 percent of the vote. Ango Angov from SDSM is the new Mayor of Dojran, with 53.2 percent of the vote. And Arijan Ibraim from the Turkish DPTM party has a large win in the only Turkish majority municipality in Macedonia – Centar Zhupa, with 71 percent of the vote.

In Lozovo and Rosoman, the SDSM candidates lead ahead of VMRO, but not by a wide enough margin to avoid a run-off in two weeks.

The SEC also informed that it has received 286 official complaints from the political parties, for the voting in individual polling places, and accepted 217 of them.