Today, on the great religious holiday of Cvetnici, on the eve of Easter, two new crosses were consecrated in Macedonia – in Zrnovci and in Drachevo.

The cross in Drachevo, which is 63.5 meters high, is the second largest in the country.

The ceremony of consecration of the cross was led by the head of the MOC-OA Mr. Stephen. The event is attended by the mayor of Kisela Voda, Orce Gjorgjievski, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, the president of the World Macedonian Congress, Todor Petrov, as the investor of the building, and a large number of citizens. The construction of the cross in the center of Drachevo, in the “Defenders’ Park”, began on April 16, 2022. The cross in Drachevo is the twelfth in the world, and the second in Macedonia. It is 63.5 meters high, four meters wide, with a leg span of 34 meters, each leg 15 meters long. The pedestal is 12.5 meters, on three levels, the foundation slab is one meter thick. In the Macedonian Cross in Drachevo, a steel structure of 80 tons, coated with alkaline yellow paint, is incorporated.