Izet Mexhiti, one of the leaders of the Albanian opposition VLEN coalition, called on their rivals DUI to explain their attempt to boycott the presidential elections. Turnout in the presidential election was noticeably lower in the Albanian districts than in the general elections, with DUI supporters instructed to only ask for for one ballot instead of the two that were offered.

I publicly call on the Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani to explain how will he justify the boycott and the primitive behaviour before our international partners? Ali Ahmeti is the biggest loser of the elections today and he has sealed his fate by completely isolating himself from all relevant political factors, said Mexhiti.

He accused DUI of abusing the institutions of the state, which DUI has controlled since 2002, to intimidate opposition minded Albanian voters. “The elections were anything but democratic. The institutions were again in service of DUI. We have recorded evidence against ministers, deputy ministers, and we will inform in the coming days”, Mexhiti said.