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Macedonia 09.03.21 | 12:16

Grubi asks DUI rival Mexhiti to follow the party program

First Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi spoke out about his feud with DUI party rival Izet Mexhiti, who yesterday resigned as head of the DUI group in Parliament. The conflict between the two members of the Skopje wing of the party is threatening the Zaev Government, as Mexhiti is supported by at least...

Macedonia 25.11.20 | 18:05

Osmani plays down reports of a rift in the DUI party

Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani dismissed reports of a rift in his DUI party, after media outlets claimed that independent minded member of Parliament Izet Mexhiti is preparing to challenge Osmani and another top DUI Government official – Artan Grubi – and to vote for their removal. Given the...

Macedonia 23.11.20 | 17:07

Ahmeti confirms that one of his members of Parliament may challenge the Government

DUI party leader Ali Ahmeti confirmed that it is possible to have an unprecedented situation where one of his own members of Parliament challenges the Government. Izet Mexhiti, the former Mayor of Cair, has from the start opposed the appointment of two key DUI officials in the Government – the...

Macedonia 25.08.20 | 13:49

Mexhiti caves, says he will vote for the Government as proposed

DUI member of Parliament Izet Mexhiti announced that he will support the proposed Government, after initially strongly opposing the nomination of some of its members. Mexhiti, who leads the DUI party branch in Skopje’s Cair district, demanded a greater say in the new SDSM – DUI led Government...

Macedonia 21.08.20 | 10:42

Rift in DUI – Bujar Osmani could be out to make room for Izet Mexiti

The dispute which erupted in the DUI party over the division of spoils in the next Government could end up with the withdrawal of Bujar Osmani from the Foreign Ministry, which was promised to him under the SDSM – DUI coalition agreement. According to media reports, the Skopje wing of the party...

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