SDSM Leader Dimitar Kovachevski, speaking at a rally in Gostivar, emphasized the party’s strength and determination, stating that they will not waver in their commitment to Macedonia’s Euro-Atlantic future. He assured supporters that SDSM remains steadfast in its values, having stood alongside citizens during various crises. Kovachevski acknowledged past mistakes but urged continued support, highlighting the party’s role in toppling the previous regime and advancing Macedonia’s integration into NATO and EU negotiations.

Kovachevski emphasized the importance of the upcoming May 8 elections, acknowledging the challenges ahead but expressing confidence in the party’s resilience. He stressed the need for unity and determination to fulfill their commitment to see Macedonia join the EU.

List principal in the sixth election district, Slavjanka Petrovska, admitted to the party’s mistakes while reaffirming their dedication to European integration and improving living standards for Macedonians.

MP candidate Ema Neshkovska acknowledged past errors and emphasized the importance of preventing authoritarian rule by supporting SDSM and the Coalition for European Future in the upcoming elections.