Levica leader Dimitar Apasiev addressed citizens of Prilep on Saturday evening, expressing his expectations for the upcoming parliamentary elections following the first round of voting. He emphasized the need to secure over 80,000 votes and attain a double-digit number of MPs to counter potentially detrimental policies in the future parliament.

Apasiev stated, “We anticipate the entry of at least two, possibly three, MPs from electoral unit 4. Comparing the current situation to previous parliamentary elections, where we received 37,000 votes, we now stand at 42,000 votes. Our aim is to surpass 80,000 votes, which would translate to 8 to 10 MPs.” He highlighted their comprehensive agenda consisting of 13 chapters addressing various aspects of societal life. The key message to citizens is to cast their vote for number 5 on the ballot, allowing young, incorruptible individuals to represent them, thereby breaking away from the cycle of voting for the lesser evil and paving the way to prevent detrimental policies.

Sashko Janshev, list principal in the fourth election district, echoed these sentiments, emphasizing his commitments to agriculture and the economy. He advocated for secure agricultural production through contractual arrangements and the establishment of profitable state-owned enterprises. Janshev stressed the necessity of realistic yet radical measures, asserting that without them, meaningful change would remain elusive.