Arber Ademi from DUI emphasized at a press conference tonight that the ballot boxes are already closed.

According to him, the voting process took place smoothly and without incidents. The victory is ours, to all those who said “no” to Russia, “yes” to Europe – said Ademi.

To a journalist’s question, the head of the election staff of the DUI answered that the European Front left its supporters to decide for themselves whether they will vote in the presidential elections. According to him, if a comparison is made between the turnout percentages between the two types of elections, there is a slight difference, but not to the extent that would reflect the actual situation.

– There were supporters of the European Front who today expressed their will for the presidential elections. President Ahmeti also voted, and Prime Minister Xhaferi voted today, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs also voted. Citizens decided freely whether to vote. I did not vote – said Ademi from Mala Recica.

Today, during the election silence and the voting process, Artan Grubi published a live video on Facebook where it was noted that he did not take a ballot for the presidential elections and did not vote for either of the two candidates.