Eljmedi Ademi, head of the Eurovia company that keeps winning major public contracts due to its close relationship with the ruling DUI party, is known in the public for his lavish lifestyle.

The nephew of former top DUI official Abdulakim Ademi is often filmed in pricey wardrobe, and on yachts. He became “famous” after his company won a 1.8 million EUR contract for construction work related to the OSCE conference in Skopje in December. Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani insists that he had no influence over the awarding of the contract and only learnt about it from the news, but he has also been photographed together with Ademi.

Meanwhile Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski, desperate for the DUI support in Parliament, came out in defense of the suspicious contract. Even as the State Anti-Corruption Commission is calling for a full investigation, Kovacevski insisted that the contract was awarded properly, to the company that made the lowest offer.