VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski met with the newly appointed Austrian Ambassador to Macedonia Martin Pamer. During the meeting Mickoski, accompanied by VMRO Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski, said that Macedonia is pressed by the constant corruption generated by the Government, which is eroding both the public finances and the trust in the country.

The Government is currently imposing constitutional amendments under Bulgarian dictate, even though 80 percent of the citizens disagree with the proposal. SDSM and DUI violated the rules of the Parliament when they postponed the vote after it was clear that they don’t have the necessary two thirds majority. The position of the party remains that no member of Parliament from VMRO-DPMNE will accept the constitutional amendments, because this will not be the last Bulgarian demand. Bilateral issues must not be used as obstacles on the EU accession talks, Mickoski told Ambassador Pamer.