Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski conveyed Christmas wishes on behalf of himself and the Government to the head of the Macedonian Orthodox Church, Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia HB Stefan, the Holy Synod, the clergy, and all citizens celebrating Christmas.

In his message, PM Kovachevski emphasized that the birth of Christ signifies new beginnings and the opportunity to engage in virtuous deeds, guided by wisdom and pure intentions, fostering goodness for all. He underscored the importance of unity, faith, and courage, drawing inspiration from Christ’s teachings to attain the desired peace and prosperity.

Kovachevski expressed his desire for divine light to illuminate every heart, promoting love, respect, care, and understanding, emphasizing the individual responsibility in fostering universal values for the present and future generations, contributing to a prosperous world.

Closing his message with heartfelt wishes, the Prime Minister hoped that the holiday season would fill every home with hope, joy, and the blessings of good health, love, peace, and prosperity.