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Macedonia 09.02.22 | 16:04

Helicopter used to evacuate a man facing a medical emergency from a snowed in village

Special police forces rescued a 78 year old man from the snowed in village of Galicnik. The man showed signs of dementia and fever but could not be rescued over land. A snow plow was sent to Galicnik on Sunday, but the vehicle could not get across. For this reason, a helicopter was dispatched, which...

Macedonia 16.08.21 | 19:54

Two helicopter available to help put out a persistent forest fire near Skopje

A Macedonian and Montenegrin helicopter will be used to put out the persistent fire near the Raovic village near Skopje. The fire, on rugged terrain near the Matka canyon, broke out during the weekend, and firefighting teams were unable to control it. It spread on Sunday, and is clearly visible from...

Macedonia 15.05.21 | 10:33

Defense Minister Sekerinska used three helicopters to transport journalists to a press briefing

Defense Minister Radmila Sekerinska used three helicopters to transport journalists and Ministry officials to the Krivolak army range for a briefing on the Defender Europe 21 maneuvers. The practice to use helicopters for a short car trip came under scrutiny after Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and his Healthcare...

Macedonia 04.04.21 | 13:41

Spasovski is silent about Zaev’s helicopter ride

Instead of sending a helicopter for one of the nearly 4,000 dead from COVID-19, who lost the battle against the disease, often due to late hospital admissions, Spasovski turned the MoI helicopter into Zaev’s taxi. The helicopter did not fly once for any medical emergency, but it flew for Zaev and...

Macedonia 04.04.21 | 09:49

Kovacki: Why didn’t you use the helicopter’s mandated number of hours in the air since the beginning of the crisis for our citizens

I would like to criticize both the Government and the Minister of Interior who is part of the government, not specifically for the work of the police in dealing with the pandemic, because the police are operational and does what is told to do, but it is the government that adopts the measures. Obviously...

Macedonia 02.04.21 | 21:44

Zaev flounders, lies, as he tries to avoid scrutiny for his helicopter ride

Faced with public outrage after he took a police helicopter for a ride from Skopje to Prilep, Zoran Zaev tried a number of ways to deflect. First he came up with the explanation that the pilots have a mandated number of hours they need to spend in the air each month, and would have flown empty if it...

Macedonia 02.04.21 | 16:55

Zaev’s decision to use a helicopter for a short trip causes outrage

The decision by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and his Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce to take a police helicopter for their visit to Prilep caused outrage in the public. Zaev insisted that the Government members were too busy and had to make the best of their time, so they decided to take the helicopter,...

Macedonia 02.04.21 | 14:55

Zaev and Filipce arrived in Prilep by helicopter

The Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and his “best friend”, the Minister of Health Venko Filipce, started their visit to Prilep from the city stadium, where they arrived by helicopter. The “motorcycle riding buddies”, in the midst of the raging covid-pandemic, flew at the expense of...

Sport 27.01.20 | 11:31

FBI investigating the helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant and his young daughter

The FBI is now investigating the crash near L.A. that killed basketball legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, coach John Altobelli along with his wife and daughter and three others. The private helicopter was reportedly warned that it is flying low prior to the crash. The pilot circled for 15 minutes...

Macedonia 26.12.19 | 16:35

Janusev shows documents: Helicopter business will be funded from tolls and will cost 72m euros

VMRO-DPMNE Secretary-General Igor Janusev confirmed that Zoran Zaev’s and Dragi Raskovski’s agreement with the newly established company SARHEMS will cost the citizens 72 million euros and will not be without costs. This is a request from the company to the Government for adoption of an appropriate...

Macedonia 10.11.19 | 11:24

Low flying helicopter sends citizens running in downtown Ohrid

Citizens of Ohrid were alarmed yesterday as a helicopter made a very low overfilght of the central square. The gusts from its blades sent restaurant chairs and umbrellas flying everywhere, and the citizens were running to avoid being injured. The incident happened at the ancient sycamore tree Cinar which...

Macedonia 08.11.19 | 14:18

The state allows the Swedish firm to yet dictate profits from helicopters

Many doubts and questions remained after at the insistence of journalists the Government sent the feasibility study on a public-private partnership to set up a helicopter unit for emergency medical and rescue services. After careful examination of the feasibility study, it can be noted that there are...

Macedonia 31.10.19 | 18:53

Suspiciously timed registration of the company which won the public medevac contract raises questions

A plan by the Zaev Government to sign a medevac contract raised questions after it was revealed that the company which will provide the helicopter services was registered only weeks before the ad was made public. A recently founded company named SARHEMS won a contract to make two medical helicopters...

Macedonia 14.10.19 | 13:06

Mountain climber from Bitola required helicopter evacuation from the Pelister peak

A 26 year old mountain climber from Bitola was badly injured when he fell into a ravine while climbing the Pelister peak. A rescue helicopter had to be sent to pull the man, identified as K.M., from the place where he fell on the Baba mountain. He was quickly transported to the Skopje clinic for treatment.

Macedonia 31.05.19 | 09:37

Sekerinska goes to Parliament session by helicopter

Defense Minister Radmila Sekerinska boasted on Facebook how she arrived at today’s Q&A session in Parliament. From the briefing on “Decisive Strike” at Krivolak to Parliament session … Extra fast. Thanks to the teams, Shekerinska said.

Macedonia 25.05.19 | 14:29

Facebook users self-organize to help a child with 4th degree burns get a medical helicopter ride to Slovenia

Macedonian citizens are by now accustomed to the public campaigns urging them to donate for the treatment of a patient suffering from a rare disease or whose treatment abroad costs too much for the family and is not being covered by the public Healthcare Fund. But the latest example is particularly jarring....

World 30.01.19 | 11:46

Three dead in rescue helicopter crash in Ohio

The three men crew of a medical rescue helicopter died in a crash in Southeast Ohio on Tuesday. Authorities have identified the victims as 34-year-old pilot Jennifer Topper, of Sunbury, and flight nurses Bradley Hayes, 48, of London, and Rachel Cunningham, 33, of Galloway. The three killed were employees...