VMRO-DPMNE Secretary-General Igor Janusev confirmed that Zoran Zaev’s and Dragi Raskovski’s agreement with the newly established company SARHEMS will cost the citizens 72 million euros and will not be without costs.

This is a request from the company to the Government for adoption of an appropriate decree that will prescribe a regulation establishing and enabling the collection of compensation from the funding pillars provided for in the public-private partnership agreement. The request was signed in person by Zaev and Raskovski’s partner, Sasa Djakovic, and sent to the government on December 17. Apart from the disputed agreement, Zaev and Raskovski’s partner also refers to the provisions of the Law on Public Roads, which confirms the suspicion that we have repeatedly stated that one of the ways of financing may be through toll collection, Janusev said.

In a second request addressed to the government, Janusev said, Sasa Djakovic was begging Zaev to provide a location for the helicopters and his staff.

Another thing we mentioned when we said that the feasibility study foresees a direct cost to the state as the company wants to have facilities, infrastructure and equipment to the Pilot Training Center at its disposal. Again, about 10 million euros have been invested in the Center itself so far.


The third request sent to the government on the same day refers to a plea to Zaev and Raskovski to enable the signing of memorandums of cooperation with state institutions, namely the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Health, M-NAV, CUK and ACB, Directorate for Protection and Rescue and other state institutions concerned with this project. The private company, among other things, expects these memorandums to regulate the referral of personnel from the aforementioned institutions to the private partner. We have already been warned that the scandalous agreement between Zaev and Raskovski envisages the engagement of MoI and ARM personnel for the private partner, which raises the question of the performance of the services, but also raises the issue of staff pay and the need given the fact that MoI already performs this type of missions.

The private partner expects all three requests to be answered positively, and all done in coordination with them, Janusev said.