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Macedonia 25.02.21 | 21:11

Milososki: Older medical specialists are literally begging for a vaccine… So much for the capability of Zaev and Venko

Antonio Milososki warns that older medical specialists cannot get a coronavirus vaccine, and the Medical Chamber is silent. Older specialist doctors are literally begging for a vaccine… .. So much for the capability of Zaev and Venko! And the Medical Chamber is silent, maybe because of a conflict of...

Macedonia 25.02.21 | 20:59

Nikoloski: In which EU country are the candidates for enumerators elected through the municipal organizations of the ruling party

At today’s Parliament’s session, the Vice President of VMRO-DPMNE asked a question to Prime Minister Zoran Zaev regarding the call for enumerators in the upcoming census, which was issued on the pages of several municipal organizations of SDSM. Nikoloski asked according to which methodology...

Macedonia 25.02.21 | 17:38

Special isolation for Zaev, Pendarovski and several ministers during Friday’s protest over the “Monster” case

Before and during tomorrow’s protest that will be organized in Skopje due to the maximum sentences imposed on the defendants in the “Monster” case, MKD.mk has learned from security sources that special measures are being prepared to protect public order, but also security measures –...

Macedonia 25.02.21 | 16:43

Transparent process, politicians to get hands off judiciary and prosecution, says Zaev on “Monster” case

The role of the state is very important, the society we create and the direction we assume, primarily for young people. We, politicians, can help by providing sufficient evidence for the reopening of processes and cases through the Parliament or the Government, whereas prosecutors should decide based...

Macedonia 24.02.21 | 16:41

Nikoloski on the Mijalkov-Zaev agreement: The government has once again proved to be in agreement with the criminals in the country

Today we are here in Negotino to meet with the citizens, to support this action for collecting signatures to nullify the political census law which aims at political, not statistical census, said the Vice President of VMRO DPMNE, Aleksandar Nikoloski in Negotino on Wednesday. I would like to comment...

Macedonia 23.02.21 | 20:38

Mickoski: This is a circus, and the citizens pay too much for the ticket

The leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, commented on the Mijalkov case, after he appeared before the public prosecutor’s office to be served with the house arrest order. This is nothing but circus. They made a circus out of the state. Zaev, it’s enough, Mickoski said, pointing out that...

Macedonia 23.02.21 | 20:07

Zaev: Saso Mijalkov had no other choice

Sasho Mijalkov had no other choice and did the only thing he could by reporting to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for organized crime for the house arrest order, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on Tuesday. He says all potential risks have been avoided. Mijalkov initially escaped. We remain committed...

Macedonia 22.02.21 | 19:48

Arsovski: After such events, Zaev and Spasovski’s resignation is inevitable, because they’re directly responsible for Mijalkov’s escape

VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson, Dimce Arsovski, spoke Monday on the ” Sto ne e jasno” show about the bad government policies, criminal affairs, as well as the current developments regarding the escape of Saso Mijalkov. Arsovski emphasized that SDSM is incompetent, because they allowed an escape...

Macedonia 22.02.21 | 16:48

Mickovski: Accept responsibility or accept that you are the state mafia, the regime, the masters of this poor country

From this moment, the only regime is you, activist Ivor Mickovski addressed the government and added, “There is no deep state, no parallel mafia, no criminals outside your circles, the mafia is the state, and the state is you”. You are the continuity of the criminal state, you are the normalizers...

Macedonia 21.02.21 | 14:24

Zaev: We opted for policies that build the Republic of Macedonia as a civil country

If some citizens have the right to speak in their mother tongue, others lose nothing, it is the Republic of Macedonia that gains everything as a civil and democratic country, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said in a Facebook post marking International Mother Language Day. According to him, today, under the...

Macedonia 21.02.21 | 14:17

Zaev doesn’t give up, asks the opposition to support the census

We must not allow unseriousness and not have a census for the next ten years. If we are a country that has not held a census for 20 years, we should do it as soon as possible. I am convinced that we will have a successful census April 1-21, as planned, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said Sunday in Probistip...

Macedonia 21.02.21 | 14:09

Zaev gives in, says he will order doses of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said at Sunday’s press conference that directions had been given to order doses of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine. Would you order from the Sputnik vaccine? Yes, I gave directions as they informed us that there is a capacity for an additional 100 thousand to make an order...

Macedonia 21.02.21 | 13:54

Nikolov: With a controversial law Zaev and Filipce want to pass a criminal deal for a new clinical center, VMRO-DPMNE completely rejects it

SDSM and the Government led by this party, continue with the concept of dismantling the healthcare system. Instead of analyzing the new situation in the healthcare system with the corona epidemic, instead of determining the needs and priorities of the healthcare system, these days SDSM is in a criminal...

Macedonia 20.02.21 | 10:11

Let’s not forget: Zaev promised 54 million denars as a reward for healthcare workers

VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski continued reminding of the things that were promised, but not realized by Zoran Zaev and the SDSM / DUI government. Let’s not forget, Mickoski writes about the promise that 54 million denars will be provided for a reward for healthcare workers.

Macedonia 19.02.21 | 15:15

Carovska and her boss Zaev should immediately stop changing the Macedonian history

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev with the announcement of changing the geography textbooks is making a stubborn trampling on the history of this country, although he promised the Macedonian people that nothing will change. Instead of changing the history in the textbooks just to keep his place on the political...

Macedonia 19.02.21 | 14:43

Mickoski: When we didn’t have any vaccine, the authorities said they deliberately didn’t procure it, now they say they were careful not to obtain more than needed, the world is laughing at us

When they did not have any vaccine, they said that they did not want people think that they were doing experiments on the people. Now that there are only a few doses received as a donation from neighboring Serbia, they say they were careful not to obtain more than we needed. Zaev, the whole world laughs...

Macedonia 19.02.21 | 13:57

Mickoski was right: Zaev admitted that the ID cards were discussed with the Greek ambassador

The inclusion of nationality in ID cards was discussed with the Greek ambassador to Macedonia, but there was no warning from anyone, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, answering a reporter’s question whether there was a warning from a foreign diplomat. I do not have such a warning, nor any talk of...

Macedonia 19.02.21 | 12:50

Zaev: All textbooks with offensive or inappropriate content will be removed

Regarding the geography textbook for the second year of high school education which will be withdrawn after the reactions that there is content offensive to Albanians, Prime Mnister Zoran Zaev said that wherever there was content that is offensive or not appropriate, should be and will be removed. I...

Macedonia 19.02.21 | 10:45

Mickoski: Wasn’t the identity cemented?

Recalling what Zoran Zaed said during the Ilinden holiday when he signed the Good Neighborliness Agreement with Bulgaria and what he said yesterday about Macedonian citizenship, the president of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski asks – Wasn’t the identity cemented?

Macedonia 18.02.21 | 15:14

Zaev: “Citizen of North Macedonia” must be on the ID cards

“Citizen of North Macedonia” must be featured on the ID cards, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev reminded at today’s press conference, answering a reporter’s question. It is important to fully respect the citizenship where it reads “Macedonian / Citizen of the Republic of North...