After four years, the leadership of DUI revealed details of the agreement between the then Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and the leader Ali Ahmeti. Artan Grubi, who wants to be called the first deputy prime minister, in Kosovo told the truth about the agreement between Zaev Ahmeti made in the MPs Club on August 18, 2020, after the parliamentary elections.

After the leaders’ meeting, Zaev and Ahmeti came out smiling and announced that they had agreed that for the last hundred days, the prime minister would be an Albanian who would be proposed by DUI, and the technical Government would be revoked.

I received the honor of being the prime minister for a full 4-year term. I showed virtue, like building trust, everyone in the 100 days before the elections will be equal, and the coalition partners on the proposal of DUI will appoint the prime minister who will lead the government for 100 days, Zaev said then.

Ahmeti admired Zaev’s courage.

The idea was for rapprochement, a message for Albanians to take responsibility for a common state. I have to acknowledge Zaev for his courage and I welcome that there will be an Albanian prime minister in the last 100 days of this government, Ahmeti said three years ago.

But it wasn’t just an agreement, there was also a written document that was hidden until now.

In the coalition agreement we reached, Zaev agreed in the last 100 days that he would leave the Government and be replaced by an Albanian in the position of Prime Minister. We wrote that and it was signed, but Zaev himself confirmed what was agreed with a statement, Grubi told Kosovo TV Dukagjini on Tuesday.

The new campaign also showed that the “Pse jo” plan is in an advanced stage and that it can be expected soon. The slogan “Yes, he is coming” according to those familiar with the situation in DUI, announces the arrival of the first Albanian prime minister.