A photo featuring the ex-PM Zoran Zaev, and his friend, ex-heath minister Venko Filipche, was taken at a luxurious beach in Greece.

The photo, taken on Tuesday, was published less than a day after the broadcasting of the Investigative Reporting Laboratory’s (IRL) documentary on the fire in Tetovo prefabricated hospital barracks in 2021, titled Murder in Tetovo. At the time of the catastrophe, Zaev was PM and Filipche was Minister of Health. They are both deeply implicated in the catastrophe, along with the businessman Kocho Angjushev.

IRL describes in detail the entire event, revealing previously unknown facts about the fire that killed 14 Covid-19 patients, about sabotaged investigations, and concealing the mistakes made during the construction of the prefabricated barracks by competent officials and institutions.