Stevo Pendarovski appears quite nervous. He seems aware of what will likely happen to him in the upcoming election, understanding that the gap after the first round will be significant in favor of Gordana Siljanovska Davkova. I’ve said she’ll win by six digits, which is why he decided to resort to insults. He didn’t answer why he signed the amendments to the criminal code that granted amnesty to crime and corruption, nor did he address why he allows his campaign to be financed by criminal money, stolen funds, and taxpayer money. Thus, he decided to resort to insults.

The first thing he chose to insult me about was related to the defenders of the constitution. At the rally in Prilep, I stated that we offer full support for the freedom of all defenders of the constitution. Let me repeat it here in Novaci: yes, I believe that all defenders of the constitution should be free,” stated the Vice-President of VMRO-DPMNE and holder of IE4, Aleksandar Nikoloski, during his visit to Novaci. “The second issue concerns my opponent from SDSM. He is probably the most unsuccessful Minister of Health in the history of the country, a man who had a record mortality rate during the pandemic. The most people lost their lives in Macedonia while he was waiting for commissions from a company called ‘Stabri’ from Hong Kong. He is running on the fourth floor, and I saw Stevo Pendarovski yesterday in Radovish, Venko Filipce says that he is such a candidate that you should vote for him as a doctor. I would have had no bread to eat. Now, let me respond to him.

First of all, because he personally opened up some things, I have to respond to him personally, although I don’t want to do that. I think professionals are needed in every profession. If Venko Filipce is indeed such a good doctor, you will see tomorrow what his colleagues will say. We will have a forum. But if he is such a good doctor, then he should remain a doctor because that is what he studied for. Just as I decided to engage in this profession and studied for it, being a student of the generation with an average of 9.75 at the Faculty of Law, and I have chosen to do what I do,” said Nikoloski, adding:

Next, unlike Stevo Pendarovski, I know what it means to work and I have been working since I was 14 years old, starting in family businesses where I helped until I became active in politics and I know very well how to earn a salary. From my immediate and wider family, there is not a single employee in public administration, they are all in the private sector. Let me ask Venko Filipce and Stevo Pendarovski if they can list one of their families who is not employed in the administration, that is, who works in the private sector, let Venko Filipce and Stevo Pendarovski say one each. There is no such thing because up to the fifth generation everyone is employed in public administration and they suck the state.

Nikoloski asked a question to Venko Filipche, whether a doctor’s or a minister’s salary buys a 250 thousand euro Audi, and where does the money come from to build a huge hacienda on Vodno?
Next thing, with a doctor’s or minister’s salary, you don’t buy an Audi Q8 RS, I don’t know exactly what it’s called, for 250 thousand euros, as driven by Venko Filipce, and with a doctor’s or minister’s salary, you don’t build a hacienda on Vodno, which will exclusively I will show it tonight here in Novaci, I think it is honorable for Stevo Pendarovski to answer how this hacienda is being built on Vodno” emphasized Nikoloski