The Government is preparing scenarios meant to override the will of the voters, warned VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski, who is on track to win the coming elections, but faces possible foul play.

Even though the people are clearly determined and want to defeat the Government, I want to warn you. We know who we are dealing with. There are speedy preparations in these past days for multiple scenarios to subvert the will of the people and to mitigate their defeat, Mickoski said during a rally in Skopje. This, Mickoski said, may include bribery and pressure against voters, as well as massive ballot stuffing in the Albanian rural areas.

He repeated the recent report that SDSM is preparing to give the majority of all Government positions and state institutions – the traditional spoils of power – to DUI and the other Albanian parties, in hope that this will keep SDSM at least in some level of power.