Neurosurgeon Venko Filipche took to Facebook to share a groundbreaking achievement—the successful execution of awake brain surgery, marking the first instance of such a procedure in the country. The surgery, performed on a young girl, aimed to address a tumor positioned near critical speech and movement centers linked to the right arm and leg.

Filipche highlighted the significance of awake brain surgery, emphasizing the crucial cooperation between surgeon and patient during the procedure. By engaging the patient throughout, the surgeon navigates the removal of the tumor while safeguarding the speech and movement centers. As brain tissue lacks pain receptors, the surgery itself is painless.

The operation on the young patient concluded favorably, with the tumor extracted to the maximum feasible extent, resulting in the patient’s positive postoperative condition. Filipche extended congratulations to the anesthesiology team led by Dr. Vesna Durnev and expressed gratitude to Dr. Igor Lazic from the Clinic for Neurosurgery in Belgrade. He also expressed satisfaction in having young colleagues enthusiastically participate and contribute as part of his dedicated operating team.