The scandal at the Oncology Clinic in Skopje is nothing new. Warnings came from many parties, but it took the government too long ot react. The incompetent execution of the tasks by the members of the government, and the omissions have a high price, paid in human lives; VMRO-DPMNE reacted on Tuesday.

This scandal brutally violates the human rights and values in health protection, the application of which is a responsibility not only of the health minister but also of the PM and the government as a whole. Why? Because Article 30 of the Law on Government stipulates that, “the government monitors the work of the ministries and the other organs of state governing and governing institutions”.

“Bekim Sali and Fatmir Mexhiti (former and current health ministers, respectively) are responsible. Venko Filipche and Arban Taravari are also responsible (also former health ministers). Furthermore, we doubt that the Prosecution, led by Ljubomir Joveski and Islam Abazi, will ever any actions toward discovering the real perpetrators. The first one waits for the government to appoint him as a constitutional judge, and the other has the entire DUI on his neck”, VMRO-DPMNE accuses.

The responsible have names! Anyone involved in any way in this hideous crime must bear both, political and criminal punishment. We must have closure and we must put an end to this wasteful governance that costs us human lives, VMRO-DPMNE appeals.