Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski reaffirmed his commitment as the leader spearheading the European front, unwavering in his resolve. He expressed confidence in establishing a robust foundation to efficiently navigate negotiations, swiftly addressing clusters and chapters crucial for our progression towards EU membership by 2030. Kovachevski emphasized in an interview with Civil Media that voting for the “European front” would signal a resolute rejection of uncertainty, signaling a collective desire to propel the nation along the authentic European trajectory.

Asserting his conviction, the Prime Minister articulated his belief that with a pro-European coalition and under his leadership, the country would inevitably join the EU. Kovachevski outlined a vision where the upcoming president, backed by SDSM and its coalition, aligns with a parliamentary victory for the pro-European coalition, ensuring his return as Prime Minister to steer the next government towards EU accession—a pledge he underscored.

Highlighting the imminent importance of the upcoming months, Kovachevski stressed the need for political parties in Parliament to make essential decisions crucial for the country’s European trajectory. He contrasted this with the isolation offered by DPMNE, presenting it as an alternative devoid of the European path.

Regarding the EU’s Growth Plan for the regional countries, Kovachevski viewed its successful implementation post-screening as pivotal for reigniting Euro-integration efforts. He emphasized that this plan serves as a tangible political endorsement from the EU, indicating their eagerness for Macedonia to join the union by the ambitious yet achievable deadline of 2030.